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5 Timeless Principles of Social Media

Although technology makes communicating with our clients easier, it also makes it easier to say, “I’ll write Happy Birthday on his wall instead of calling him.” Having a personal connection is still a vital part of building long-term relationships with our clients. While the majority of them may be on Facebook, it’s still essential to […]

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How to Hit Your 2016 Goals

A goal is defined as the end to which all effort is directed. Many of us set goals in the beginning the year, only to fall off track or forget about them altogether by summer. We make excuses for not reaching our goals—it’s always something else that is preventing us from getting to where we […]

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How to Reach Your Potential

In my years traveling throughout North America to speak to millions of real estate professionals and small business owners, one question we’ve continuously asked our audience is “How many of you, by a show of hands, possess untapped potential?” Usually, every hand in the room goes up. How about you? Do you have talent you’re […]

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What to Expect from MarTech Trends™ 2016

When I was a new agent, I was eager to embrace the new technology that came my way. I tried it all—the PalmPilot, the toll-free number, social media and more. Technology is advancing rapidly; however, the fundamentals never change—relationships are still the most important aspect of your real estate business. So the question becomes then, […]

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What’s Your EQ?

You don’t need to be in real estate for decades to understand that buying or selling a home is an emotional process for many people. Even running our businesses is emotional—how often have you felt joy, sadness or anger, sometimes all in the same day? The most successful agents have a high EQ, or emotional […]

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How to Rock a Listing Appointment

Many agents assume that their expertise alone should be enough to win a listing appointment. But if you want to dramatically increase the chances of acquiring a listing, it’s not enough to just go through the motions. You must treasure every opportunity that comes your way and approach each listing presentation as if it’s your […]

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