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10 Real Estate Pop-By Ideas for the End of the Year

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As we near the end of 2022, it’s a great time to connect or reconnect with your top clients and leads. Dropping by with a small gift is a great way to say hello and show your appreciation for all their past support.

Here are some possible ideas:

  1. Children’s Winter-Themed Book – Stop by your local bookstore and pick out a fun selection of kids’ books. Clients can then share the book with a child in their lives.
  2. Small Gift Bag Filled With Kids’ Art Supplies Your clients can give these to their own children or other kids in their lives (such as grandchildren or neighbors).   
  3. Seasonal-Scented Hand Soap – Your clients will appreciate having this on hand when guests stop by.
  4. Fresh-Baked Holiday Dessert — Host a giveaway where clients can come pick up their dessert.
  5. Small Umbrella — Your clients can keep stowed away in their cars for unexpected rainy days.
  6. Seasonal Take-Away Containers — Your clients will be grateful to have these on hand at their holiday get-togethers.  
  7. Flashlight (and Batteries) —This is a handy item that clients can keep in their home or car.
  8. Wrapping Paper Give your clients a roll or two of wrapping paper along with a roll of tape.
  9. Small Cold Care Kit – Fill a small sealable bag with a combo of tissue packets, hand sanitizer, soothing throat lozenges, lip balm, a vial of ibuprofen or acetaminophen and a bottle of water.
  10. Packet of Batteries — Who doesn’t need more batteries when the holidays arrive? Your clients will be so appreciative! 

For more great ideas check out this resource which also shares why this is the quickest and most effective way to generate referrals. For an extra bit of personalization, add a hand-written note to go with your gift. Your client will appreciate that you took the time to think of them during this busy time of year.

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