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10 Signs You Are a Buffini Agent

10 Signs You Are a Buffini Agent

It all started with a post. Matt Wilkinson, a Buffini & Company One2One Coaching Member of seven years, threw this statement out to the Buffini & Company Members Facebook Group:

More than 100 comments poured in, each one different — and totally true. No Buffini & Company stone was left unturned. Members referenced their trunks full of Pop-Bys at-the-ready, walls covered with note cards and The Brian Buffini Show always being queued up in the car.

With so many incredibly accurate comments, we wanted to narrow it down to about 10 that any Buffini agent can relate to.

You know you’re a Buffini agent when:

  1. You spend a large part of your week either shopping for, preparing or delivering Pop-Bys.

2. When the Buffini note cards and stickers start to accumulate, you consider incorporating them in your office decor.

3. Asking for referrals is second-nature.

4. The Brian Buffini Show is the first thing that comes on when you get in the car … on the treadmill … into the office…

5. Employees and shoppers at Costco know you by name … especially the people that bake pies around Thanksgiving.  

6. You wish everyone you met already had a Heritage Profile (and you’ve definitely already arranged one for your spouse).

7. Professional and personal growth seminars are a part of your routine and even help you rack up travel points.

And sometimes they become vacations…

8. You have Buffini & Company connections from all over North America, and everyone knows it! 

9. You could win an Olympic medal for the amount of personal notes you’ve written.

Literally everywhere you go, you write a note…

10. The Buffini & Company mission and values are a family affair!

Yup, being a Buffini & Company trained agent is pretty sweet. 

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