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Three Keys to Success

Hello, I’m Dave McGhee, Vice President of Coaching and Membership. On behalf of all of Buffini & Company’s Certified Business Coaches, I’d like to welcome you to the Coaches’ Corner Blog. We’re fired-up to be here! Our plan is to share the powerful systems and strategies we have learned from our combined years of experience coaching real estate professionals and small business owners. Each month, we will feature a post from one of our Coaches to give you practical “how to’s” you can implement into your business strategy right away.

I joined Buffini & Company in 2006 as a Certified Business Coach and worked with hundreds of small business owners over the years before assuming my new role in 2014. I have personally witnessed the incredible transformation in the businesses and lives of my clients as they worked the system, but it was not an overnight process. As a general rule, we have found that there are 3 keys to success every client should follow. They must trust the system, work the system, and lean into their coach. These may sound simple, but like so much of what we teach, they are profoundly powerful principles that foster long-term success.

writing-a-noteTrust the System
The first key is to entrusting the system. There might be times that you write a note or make a call and it doesn’t generate a referral. We hear stories all the time of people ready to give-up right before the momentum starts and the leads come pouring in. The key is to keep chipping away. This system has worked for thousands of people. It has worked in every market and in every type of market. It will work for you too!

Work the System
Next, you have to work the system. There is no magic in coaching alone. The true magic comes from the focused actions you take in between calls. People often wonder how our clients double and triple their income in a year. It’s the cumulative effect of a series of small, consistent actions our clients take over time that have them earning eight times more per year than the NAR average. You have to do the work!

Lean into your coach
This last key has earned a soft spot in my heart. You must lean into your coach. Not only have I had first-hand experience coaching our clients, I also have worked many years beside the amazing individuals that comprise our Coaching Team. I can tell you with certainty that they are a group of consummate professionals dedicated to the success of their clients. Our Coaches have an average of 10 years of experience coaching small business owners. Combined, we have logged over 1.4 million coaching calls and have helped thousands of people achieve their dreams. You have to lean into your coach!

A quick bonus tip I would like to share is to join a Buffini Group. Every level of Membership can now join a Buffini Group so I would encourage you not to go at it alone. Join a Buffini Group today!

In the coming months and years our coaches will be sharing their keys to success right here in the Coaches Corner. Do you have a specific challenge or topic you’d like to see addressed? Let us know what it is, and we’ll be sure to address it in an upcoming post.

Have you registered to attend a Success Tour in person, yet? I’ll be closing out each event, and I’d love to see you there. In the meantime, here is a short clip for you to review the 3 keys to success I outlined in this post.

Until next time . . .

It’s a good life!


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