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3 Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Wrap Up The Year

There are very few people who will be sad to see 2020 fade into 2021 on New Year’s Eve.

Although 2020 was a year many of us would rather forget, as a real estate professional, you’ll want to touch base with your clients to officially wrap up the past year before we get too far into the new one.

It’s a good real estate marketing strategy to keep in constant contact with your clients. Last year, it was common for agents to send clients valuable information on the market, tips for working from home and strategies to navigate the new normal.

Your new year communication gives you the opportunity to tie a bow on the events of last year. You have a few options when it comes to the content you choose to send, but ultimately, these marketing pieces should present the highlights — and perhaps the challenges — of 2020, while providing hope and clarity for the year ahead. If you were there for your clients during the difficult events of last year, they will look forward to hearing from you as you prepare to move forward! 

Here are three real estate marketing ideas to get in touch with your clients, wrap up 2020 and launch a successful 2021.

Give a Market Update — Send out a flyer in the mail that provides valuable, up-to-date 2021 real estate market trends, so your clients know what to expect in the coming year. You may choose to supplement this information with a Facebook Live broadcast explaining the national trends as well as those in your area.

Follow-up Opportunity: Reach out to your favorite clients one-on-one with a call or video chat to see if they have any questions. Assure them through the data that this year is a great time to make a move!

Send a Gratitude Letter — Write up a genuine message to mail to your database expressing your gratitude for their business in 2020. Recap the ways in which you were grateful to serve this year, and highlight some of your memorable moments with clients by including pictures of reverse pop-by events, notes you wrote or appreciation gifts you delivered.

Follow-up Opportunity: Call your clients to personally thank them for their continued business. Gently remind them that you are never too busy for their referrals, and that you are always happy to serve them, their friends and family.

Tips for the Year Ahead — If you’d rather leave 2020 behind entirely, the best way to wrap up the past year with your clients might be to focus on making the next one fantastic! Compile a few tips to for a successful new year — these may be tips to stay positive, healthy, organized or all of the above. Send these out in a mailer to your clients so they can start the year strong.

Follow-up Opportunity: Check in with clients to see which tips resonated with them, then share your own routine for success. Explain that you are there to serve them in any way possible, and that you will continue to share valuable, uplifting content in the year ahead.

As you wrap up 2020 and prepare your business for a successful 2021, make sure you are communicating with your clients in a productive way! For more real estate marketing resources, check out Buffini & Company Referral Maker® PRO. This monthly real estate marketing kit provides Items of Value, notecards, real estate market reports and countless other essential resources to help your business thrive.

Sign up for a free business consultation to learn how Referral Maker® PRO can change your real estate marketing game this year!

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