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3 Things Every New Real Estate Agent Needs to Start a Career

In real estate, the first year on the job is easily the most difficult, especially without any real estate agent training.

Building a foundation for your business in the first few months is vital to your success long-term — when agents skip this step, they tend to abandon the industry in the first year or two, never unlocking their true earning potential.

Real estate is an industry with no ceiling — and no floor either. That’s why it’s critical to immerse yourself in real estate training early in order to create a business model that will carry you all the way to the top!

If you’re a new agent, here are the three things you’ll want to establish in your business plan to begin your career on the right foot.

  1. Structure

As a self-employed professional in real estate, you get to make your own rules. There is no clocking in or out or answering to a supervisor — you have total control over your day. As a result, many brand new agents find it difficult to get anything done! From day one of your real estate career, you must create structure in your day to eliminate distractions and stay on task.

  1. System

Real estate agents are in the lead generation business. You must always be generating your next lead in order to keep earning income. Because lead generation is such a vital part of your business, it should not be a guessing game! New agents need a lead generation system that helps them understand exactly what they need to do to meet their next potential client. The system should be automatic, easy-to-follow and time-tested so you know it actually works!

  1. Service

Customer service is a huge part of any real estate operation. Your clients should feel supported and empowered after working with you — so much so that they refer you to friends and family. Look for ways to go above and beyond before, during and after a transaction, whether you make yourself available to answer questions about the market or to drop off a small appreciation gift at their doorstep. Exceptional service will quickly set new agents apart from the crowd and earn you referrals.

If you’re ready to start your career on the right foot and master these three elements of a successful business, jump into a real estate agent training program today! 100 Days to Greatness®from Buffini & Company is a real estate training program designed specifically for brand new agents looking to implement a structure, system and great customer service strategy. Sign up for 100 Days to Greatness®and transform your real estate training and change your game now!

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