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4 Ways to Recruit Top Real Estate Agents

Now is the time to recruit new, high-quality agents. All across the country, people are missing the security of their jobs and have ample time to research their next career. Many are looking for roles that allow them to control their destiny and to generate high incomes, like real estate.

If you need help with your recruiting strategy, take a look at these tips!

Get Focused

Brokers and managers need to lean in and set recruitment goals and action steps. Consider how many agents you need to meet your financial goals and then consider how many new recruits your team can actually train over the next several months. Once you have a realistic number, it’s time to start promoting your real estate agency as the best place to start a profitable career.

Define Yourself

Clearly state what makes you the best choice. Whether you offer comprehensive realtor training, mentoring programs that pair new agents with top-producers or provide back-end technology solutions to simplify and organize the workday, let your prospects know.

Make a Plan

Hosting a live virtual event that delivers a powerful message shows why your agency is the right choice. It’s important you keep each virtual event succinct and focused. Content should be positive, educational and can include a success story from one of your agents. It’s worthwhile to share how your company will support them through licensing and help them to get started on the right foot.

When hosting these events, be sure to use every method you have to get the word out including social media platforms, email and online advertising and don’t forget to collect names and contact information so you can follow up afterwards. Consider sending notepads to take notes on during the webinar that includes the top five reasons to join your brokerage.

Follow up

After the webinar, pop your handwritten thank you notes in the mail and be sure you (or someone on your team) will call each attendee the next day. Not only will this prove you are great at follow-up, it will make your recruits feel welcomed. Spell out what a great opportunity this is right now due to market expectations and build confidence that your company offers short- and long-term benefits.

Working with new agents is rewarding and there has never been a deeper pool of highly-motivated candidates. Once they’ve joined you, offering a real estate training program such as The Pathway to Mastery®—Essentials is a great way to get your agents up and running. This 8-week course is based on decades of industry training and coaching success. It comes complete with everything you need to get your office or team on the path to success.

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