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5 Spring Break Ideas for Your Family — Social Distanced Style

Last year’s spring break unfolded differently for many students who had no idea whether they’d be going back to school at the end of it. One year later, the pandemic is still a part of our daily lives, but we now have more of an understanding of how to navigate our new normal — and how to have a safe, fun spring break!

If you’re looking for ways to have fun with your kids on their time off without seeing too many people, here are a few at-home and outdoor activities to try!

Plant a Garden — Sure, it’s only March, but if weather permits in your area, try preparing a backyard spring garden! Start with plants native to your region, then take your kids to the local garden center to pick out a few of their favorite flowers. Consider throwing in some veggies too! Don’t forget about décor either — have some fun picking out a small table and chairs, lights or other decorations for the new space.

Go on an Expedition — Pick a local or state park and embark for an expedition with the family. Pack a lunch and snacks, and choose a hike that is challenging yet manageable for the entire group. Get creative and set a mission — let the kids imagine they are explorers discovering a hidden part of the forest and have some fun with it!

DIY Ice Cream — This is a fun way to kick off the spring, and it’s not as difficult as it sounds! You can keep it simple and make ice cream using a plastic bag, or you can purchase a small tool that will also do the trick. These cost around $20-$30, and they make it easy and fun to level up your ice cream making skills. Get funky with your flavors and enjoy your personalized sundaes after!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt — A scavenger hunt is a guaranteed way to spend a fun day with the family! It’s also a good one for keeping kids busy on days when you’ve got some work to catch up on, as long as they know to stay nearby. We posted this scavenger hunt with both indoor and outdoor items to get you started.  

Host a Fun Family Challenge — Whether you want to hold a bake-off, a fashion show or lip sync battle, there are so many options for hosting a fun family challenge. We compiled this list of challenge ideas to help you get started. Maybe you host a different one on each day of the break!

We hope these activities help you and your family make the most of your spring break! For more activities for the family, check out Buffini & Company Bonus Resource.

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