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5 Tips to Write the Perfect Note!

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When you send a personalized note to your client, it demonstrates that you care enough about the relationship to take the time to go the extra step. It shows that you care about them, on a genuine level and not just a transactional one.  

You may feel that you don’t have the time in your schedule to write notes and/or you don’t know what to say. If that’s the case, then follow these tips to get started.

  1. Choose a Mix of Cards

You can use your own personalized cards or ones with interesting images. Make sure the cards are blank inside — no cheating by having pre-printed content! The client will appreciate your message more if it is truly personalized and not pre-printed.

Don’t forget to purchase some stamps too. Check out the wide variety available, such as seasonal or commemorative themes.  Taking the extra second to put a stamp on your envelope is much nicer than using a postage meter machine.

  1. Personalization is Key!

Use the client’s name in your greeting. Nothing says assembly line like starting off a note “Dear Valued Client.”

  1. So Many Reasons to Write

The possibilities are endless!

  • Thank them for entrusting you with their business.
  • Congratulations on an achievement.
  • A life event such as a birthday, anniversary, housiversary etc. 
  • Encouragement during a difficult time.
  • A message to say, “I thought of you when…”
  • A way to share information on a local business opening (perhaps with a gift card enclosed).

  1. Make the Time and Take Your Time  

Brian Buffini has written thousands of personal notes throughout his long, successful career so he knows how powerful they can be. One great tip that he recommends is to write notes at the beginning of your day before things get busy. He also suggests that you leave your stack of cards on top of your laptop as a reminder to do them first.

If your handwriting is not perfect, it’s ok — just take the time to go a bit slower. A scribbly mess is going to frustrate your client — you want them to appreciate your card, not spend time trying to decipher it.  And don’t cheat by using a computer to write and print the note. That just screams mass mailing.

And if you make a mistake? Don’t cross out your error and continue. Start over with a fresh card.  (Again, go a bit slower!)

  1. Be Authentic, Sincere and Concise

Warmth, friendliness and brevity are appreciated. Start with a greeting, make your point in two or three sentences and end with a warm signature.   

TIP: Don’t include your business card or ask for referral. That is a sure way to kill the personalized vibe. 

Once you get started, you will find it gets easier and more enjoyable to write cards each day. And that feeling will be magnified once your clients start expressing their delight!

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