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6 Elements to Include in Your 2020 Bulletproof Real Estate Marketing Strategy

6 Elements to Include in Your 2020 Bulletproof Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Good marketing matters. Your real estate marketing strategy can make or break your business in 2020. Between disruption caused by unhappy customers and an overcrowded industry, it is crucial to put your nose to the grindstone and market yourself in a way that makes you unique.

Yet throwing a few marketing ideas at a wall and seeing what sticks simply isn’t going to cut it. A bulletproof real estate marketing strategy needs to be intentional, strategic and rooted in the fundamentals of a sound business. It requires a proven system that puts your clients first and keeps you front and center. Here is what an effective plan should include each month:

1. Item of Value. This is an informative marketing piece that gives your clients helpful information on topics like tax prep, buyer and seller tips, time management and more. Aim to send at least one mailed item of value to your best people and one emailed value-add to others in your database per month.

2. Pop-by Idea. What small useful gift will you deliver to your clients this month to let them you are there to help with their real estate needs? Perhaps it’s windshield wiper fluid or a packet of hot cocoa in the winter months. Whatever it is, plan it out so you can be prepared monthly.  

3. Reason to Call. Check in with your clients and let them know you’re there for them! You can call to follow up about the monthly item of value, or check in to see if they got the pop-by gift you delivered. Write down a reason to call your database for each month.

Now there are a couple other marketing techniques that you can do quarterly to let your best clients know you are there to serve.

4. Client Party. Aim to celebrate your best clients at least twice a year or once per quarter. Get your A+ people together (the ones who refer you frequently) and say thanks with a fun activity, music, small party favors and refreshments. Check out Buffini & Company’s Client Party Checklist for seasonal ideas. 

5. Business Mixer. Say thanks to your fellow business owners with a small mixer either quarterly or biannually. Get them together for breakfast or coffee to network and promote an exchange of referrals.

6. Real Estate Event or Training. Invest in your business by attending a real estate event or taking some type of training at least once a month. Plan it out! Perhaps you’ll read a business book this month, or listen to a motivational podcast. You may take The Pathway to Mastery—Essentials training program at some point. When there’s a real estate event near you, like Buffini & Company Master Class, make sure you get it on the calendar!

To help you keep track of these elements in your marketing strategy, Buffini & Company created this 2020 business planning calendar for you to reference year-round. Fill in the slots with your own ideas for calls, pop-bys, client parties, etc.

Want to take your real estate marketing plan to the next level? Check out Referral Maker PRO, which provides monthly notecards, items of value and countless other benefits for a rock solid marketing and real lead generation strategy.

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