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6 Small Business Ideas for Growth-Oriented Leaders

6 Small Business Ideas for Growth-Oriented Leaders

Mindset matters, especially when you’re a business owner or entrepreneur. Adopt a growth-oriented mindset, and your business will grow as a result. Here are six small business ideas for any leader looking to run a business aiming toward big-picture growth.

1. Visualize Your End Goals 

The business goals of you and your team need to be clear, present and motivating. Make sure they are written down or communicated frequently to the group so everyone is on the same page. If a goal doesn’t inspire you, it isn’t worth pursuing — so make sure everyone is motivated by that end results!

2. Power Through the Plateaus

Professional growth is a series of valleys and plateaus. Every business is going to plateau at some point — don’t let this discourage you. Instead, think about where you were before, and enjoy and appreciate your current achievements. Get with a small business coachor mentor to figure out how to grow from there! 

3. Constantly Expand Your Network

Actively search for business conferences that allow you to network with like-minded professionals. Consider traveling for the event to gain some new perspectives! In your own area, invite successful professionals to lunch or coffee simply to pick their brain and grow from the experiences they share. You can incorporate these lessons to grow your own business.

4. Lead by Example

A culture of growth and development starts at the top! Make sure you adopt the habits, attitudes and skills that you want your team to embody. This fosters a collective spirit of growth that will boost production and team satisfaction.

5. Be Transparent While You Grow

Sometimes it feels like your business is expanding more quickly than you can handle. Communicate any growing pains to your customers — they’re more understanding than you think. Send email messages to your database addressing slow systems, bumpy sales processes, etc. Consider filming a video message to make it more personal for your customers. Transparency is key as you grow!

6. Evaluate Your Systems Regularly

When you’re on track for growth, you may need to update your systems to keep up. Regularly check in with your systems — CRM, marketing strategies, sales processes — to make sure they are effective and productive in your business. Establish how long you want the business to last, and plan to update accordingly. 

Implement these six small business ideas to build an organization that will withstand the test of time. To get customized strategies to help grow your business, sign up for a free business consultation with Buffini & Company. 

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