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A Real Estate CRM That Puts Client Connections First

Authentic personal connections are essential for a successful business strategy!

These days, traditional means of advertising just aren’t cutting it. That’s because consumers — especially young people — automatically tune out ads. They can smell a sale from a mile away, and they aren’t interested. If your business is trying to advertise the old-fashioned way by using banner ads and cold calls to bring in new leads, it can feel kind of like yelling into a void.

At Buffini & Company, we’ve found more success by nurturing existing relationships and building new ones in order to generate real estate leads. When a client understands who you are and knows that they can trust you, they are more inclined to refer you to friends and family, thus expanding your database.

To build those lasting client connections, you need a real estate CRM that prioritizes relational lead generation activities. Buffini & Company Referral Maker® CRM was designed specifically to help real estate agents run a business that puts relationships first.

Referral Maker CRM includes several key features that allow agents to generate leads by way of relationship building:

  • Priority Action Center – This feature shows you who you need to write, call or visit in order to generate your next lead and stay on track with your income goals.
  • Recent Contact Activity – Keep tabs on who you’ve recently communicated with so you always know the last time you reached out and what you said/sent.
  • Database Rankings — After importing your database into Referral Maker CRM, you will be prompted to rank each person from A+ to D based on how likely they are to refer you. The A+ and A clients will get the most of your attention so that they continue to send you high quality referrals. The Ds are the folks who will not be working with you, so they should be deleted.
  • Customized To Dos – Your customized to-do list keeps you informed on the action items you must complete in order to keep nurturing your relationships. Check off each item once it’s completed!
  • Video Messaging — This is a new add-on feature to Referral Maker CRM that lets users embed videos directly into their emails for a more personal touch. You’ll also get detailed analytics on those videos to help inform future content!

Using a top real estate CRM that puts client connections first can take your business to new heights. You’ll cut advertising costs while also creating clients for life. Take Referral Maker CRM for a test drive free for 30 days and see how this productivity tool can help your business.

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