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Advanced Strategies to Boost Your Real Estate Lead Generation

In real estate, the top agents know that the best way to produce a consistent stream of quality leads is to tap into your sphere of influence. Everyone you interact with both personally and professionally is in your sphere of influence. Whether it’s family, friends and neighbors or sports, social, community or business groups, there are referrals everywhere if you know where to look! Here are some tips for tapping into these connections and boosting your lead generation today:

Leverage B2B Networks

A really effective way to generate referrals is to connect and collaborate with fellow businessowners. Attend meetings of networking associations like your local Chamber of Commerce and other professional groups to get to know new people. Aim to connect with one or two others at each meeting and then invite them to coffee or lunch. The relationship will naturally deepen and the next step will be to begin sending each other referrals. Why not create a referral directory, too? Then, if a client is ever in need of a professional tradesperson, such as a plumber, roofer, landscaper or electrician, you’ll be able to help immediately. It’s a win-win!

Connect With Influencers

If you want to generate quality leads, target influencers who will share your business with their expansive networks. Identify which of your A+ clients have large followings on social media or business platforms and will actively promote and share your organization with their customers and followers. Really focus on building relationships with these people. When they’re continually reminded of the excellent level of service and care you provide, they will naturally refer you and the leads will start to flow.

Make Your Advocates Feel Valued

Your advocates are your top referrers, those people who act as loudspeakers for you in the marketplace. You should always work to make sure these folks feel valued and special. You could deliver Pop-Bys of small gifts of gratitude and appreciation or, restrictions permitting, you could even throw an elite event and invite all of your best referrers to the celebration. Whatever you do, ensure these people know how much you value them and how important they are to you.  

Maintain a Robust Social Media Presence

When it’s used in the right way, social media can be a powerful lead-generation resource. The key is to provide value and stay positive and informative. Why not consider educational Facebook Lives with market updates? They’re a great way to provide value and become a trusted resource. As well as a focus on education, you could also include motivational posts and quotes that uplift and inspire. Finally, don’t forget to showcase your character by posting photos or videos of your exceptional service in action and always make sure to connect with others’ posts to forge an authentic connection.

Deliver Exceptional Service

When your name becomes synonymous with exceptional service, your clients will keep coming back for more – and they will tell others about you! Always go above and beyond to serve your customers at the highest levels, deepen the connection between you and develop long-lasting relationships that will form the very heart of your business now and into the future. When you demonstrate that you consistently provide an outstanding level of care and service you prove yourself and you stay top of mind. Then your clients will refer you, growing your business and creating your next lead. 

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