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Become a Person of Influence

As a real estate professional who prioritizes relationships, you can be a powerful source of influence for the people in your circle. A person of influence stands out from the crowd because their name is synonymous with exceptional skills, attitude and customer service. Here’s how you can take your business to the next level and become universally known as an agent that clients and their referrals can count on:  

Identify Your Sphere of Influence

Your sphere of influence is made up of everyone you interact with. Whether it’s family, friends and neighbors or sports, social, community or business groups, anyone you connect with can be a potential lead. From individuals you have a professional relationship with, such as accountants or contractors, to people you meet socially, such as your children’s teachers, other parents, or gym buddies, there are real estate lead generation opportunities everywhere if you look.

Manage Your Sphere of Influence

Once you identify your sphere of influence, you must manage it. Let everyone you connect with know who you are, what you do and why they can trust you with their real estate needs. The key is to demonstrate that you consistently provide an outstanding level of care and service. When you prove that you’re reliable, trustworthy and excellent at what you do, people will become advocates for you in the marketplace. They’ll then refer you to their own spheres of influence, increasing the reach of your business and helping you to grow.

Expand Your Sphere of Influence

The next step is to expand your sphere of influence even further by creating a solid business-to-business network within your database. Put a plan in place to strengthen your relationships with other business owners, such as contractors, plumbers, accountants and electricians. By building connections between you and other businesses, your spheres of influence will naturally merge. These business owners will then go on to refer you to their clients, and vice versa. This synergy has the potential to double your real estate lead-generation efforts, creating an incredible flow of referrals. It also builds your professional reputation in the community.

Invest in Real Estate Training

The right real estate training program can really help you to expand your sphere of influence.  The Pathway to Mastery®—Advanced is the perfect program for professional agents with over five years’ experience. Designed for agents who’ve already completed The Pathway to Mastery®—Essentials, this eight-week real estate training program will help you to boost your profits, build a business that lasts and become a person of influence in your community. Get started today!

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