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Boost Your Team’s Output in 2020 (Part 2)

Part 2: ‘Tis the Season for Team Building

Use the jolliness of the season to bring your team together for events like real estate training, parties and outings to create a culture of motivated agents. 

To help your team increase their profits — and ultimately increase the brokerage’s bottom line — it is essential to create a team culture that leads to motivated, confident and skilled agents. With a strong team on your side, your business has the people power and the agent buy-in to handle any challenges the industry may throw. 

So how do you build a strong team culture? It does require some planning and strategy, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. With the holiday season in full swing, this is a great opportunity to leverage the spirit of the season to get the team together for celebrations, real estate training and festive outings. These events will help you boost agent retention while also attracting new high-producing agents to your office. 

Here are three ways you can invest in team building this season: 

Host a Real Estate Training Program 

This one has two-for-the-price-of-one benefits. When you host a real estate training program at the office, you’re getting your entire team in the same room once or twice a week. Agents have the chance to catch up and check-in with one another, deepening the connections within the team. Make it fun by providing donuts, bagels, coffee, lunch — anything extra to make it feel a bit more special. At the same time, your team gets valuable strategies and tools to successfully approach their business in 2020. Consider getting the group together to watch industry broadcasts too — Brian Buffini’s Bold Predictions drops on December 10, which is a great one to view as a team. 

Throw an Office Holiday Event

Get the team together for a small holiday party. Consider including some type of main event, like a “white elephant” or “secret Santa” gift exchange. Bring treats or maybe lunch, and have some music playing. This is a  great way to make the office somewhere your team wants to be. Events like these remind agents of why they love to work with your brokerage! 

Organize a Food or Toy Drive

A team that gives together, stays together! Pick a local charity to collect food or toys for, and invite agents in your office to participate. This type of group philanthropy shows agents that they are part of something bigger with your organization. Your brokerage will also demonstrate care for the community you serve, which goes a long way in any city. Most importantly, the group will get to help folks in need, affirming the positive company culture that attracts the best of the best! 

Commit to team-building now so that by 2020, you have an office of motivated, confident and successful agents ready to hit the ground running. Additionally, that dream team is your ticket to a stronger recruiting strategy that brings in new, hungry agents ready to crush it. For a great training program to get you started, check out The Pathway to Mastery—Essentials, a new, in-depth real estate agent training program from Buffini & Company. To lead the course in your office, get Buffini Certified today! 

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