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Build Brand Loyalty

Build Brand Loyalty

Use the Loyalty Combination to create raving fans of your business…

When you work by referral, building strong, long-lasting relationships is the key to success. As a business owner, your goal should always be to have clients who are so passionate about what you do that they become walking, talking billboards for the service you provide. To achieve this, you must tap into what I call the Loyalty Combination.

The Loyalty Combination consists of three factors that help clients identify with you and your brand. When these three factors are present, you’ll create advocates who will continually refer you because they believe in what you do.

So, how can you put the Loyalty Combination to work and create lifelong fans for your business? You must consistently and genuinely engage with your clients while providing outstanding service. Here’s how:

  • Clients must truly connect with you. Strong relationships are at the heart of every good business, so you must make building them your business! Even in this technologically advanced age, there’s a human element to what we do that can never be underestimated. People crave connection. This is why the Buffini & Company Heritage Profile is so powerful. The Heritage Profile is a personality assessment tool that equips our members to really connect with their clients, friends, and family. The fact is, if you understand how to really communicate with people, you can unlock a whole new level of connection that will translate into your business relationships.
  • Customers must identify with your philosophy. When I was a housepainter in our family business in Ireland, my grandfather used to ask me, “Can you put your name to that?” Granddad wanted every job we did to be completed to the best of our ability, so that we could stand over it with pride. This is still our philosophy in Buffini & Company today. Being able to put your name to the work you do is not only hugely satisfying, it’s also a phenomenal business advantage! When you have a strong mission and solid core values, your clients will notice and they will be drawn to, and stay loyal to, your style of service.
  • Clients must value your system. When you have a consistent system that is committed to caring for and providing value to your clients, they are far more likely to recommend your services to others. At Buffini & Company, our Referral Maker PRO marketing kit provides our members with a proven system to give their clients items of value, creating steadfastly loyal fans for their business in the process. This system is one our members know they can rely on to deliver the very best results, every day.

To learn more about how the Loyalty Combination can take your business to the next level, why don’t you join me at the Buffini & Company Success Tour? We have events all over North America this year, in locations including Richmond, Virginia; Monterey, California; Fort Worth, Texas; and Toronto, Canada.

View the full lineup for the Success Tour.

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