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Building a Balanced Business: Real Estate Marketing

The key to a successful real estate marketing strategy is providing great customer service. By consistently going above and beyond and striving to exceed your customers’ expectations, you build solid, long-lasting relationships. The added bonus is that you get to work with great people you like and you receive a steady stream of referrals, too! Here are some powerful ways you can deliver exceptional service to your customers today:  

Send Items of Value 

For your real estate marketing strategy to be really effective, you must demonstrate a consistent level of contact with, and care for your customers at all times. Even if meeting clients face-to-face isn’t possible right now, you can still let them know that you’re there for them and you’re ready to serve. Sending Items of Value is a great way to do this. Items of Value are marketing pieces that are specially designed to give people timely and helpful facts on topics such as the housing market, tax preparation, buyer and seller behaviors, time management and more. By sending this information to your customers, not only do you provide value, you also create opportunities for follow-up conversations.

Make a Call

A great way to maximize the impact of an Item of Value is to call and ask your clients if they received what you sent them. Having even a short conversation can help to strengthen the bonds between you and deepen the relationship. All too often, buyers and sellers never hear from an agent again once a transaction closes, meaning that the opportunity for a future relationship – and future referrals – is lost. If clients know that you want to serve them even when a transaction is done, the trust and the connection will build – and the referrals will naturally follow.

Write a Note

Another great way to stay top of mind with your clients is to write them a personal note. Keep your correspondence short and make it personal – the key is to remind them that you’re always on hand to help if they need any advice or information. 

Deliver a Pop-By 

One of the best ways to touch base is to deliver a Pop-By. A Pop-By is a small, thoughtful gift that says you appreciate your clients and you’re never too busy for their referrals. Remember to attach a tag and business card to let your customers know who the item is from. You could even call ahead to say you’ll be stopping by for a few minutes, but keep your visit brief – check in and then be on your way!

Buffini & Company Referral Maker PRO is a proven system that helps you to connect with your customers and promote your business in a strategic way. The Referral Maker PRO marketing kit includes really impactful materials, such as

  • Monthly marketing flyers (Items of Value) for clients.
  • Access to the Pop-By tag library.
  • Beautiful handwritten note cards.

These and countless other benefits will help you to deliver a rock-solid marketing and lead generation strategy. Sign up for a free business consultation to find out how Referral Maker PRO can take your business to the next level today!

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