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Building an Unbreakable Brand with Kevin Keenan

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A successful brand is far more than just a logo, it’s how your customers truly feel about your business. Brian recently spoke to brand expert Kevin Keenan to learn how strong branding can help you to achieve phenomenal growth, create a tribe of loyal customers and become the ultimate referral tool in the marketplace. Here are some of the top takeaways:

Identify your audience

When you’re trying to create a strong brand, you have to start with your audience in mind. Who are your customers? How do they feel about the world around them? What benefit can your business supply to them or what pain points can it remove for them? Dig deep to uncover the answers to those questions and you’ll always have a yardstick for who you are as a brand.

Discover your points of difference

Part of creating a strong brand is knowing how your business differentiates itself from competition in the marketplace. If there are five real estate agents working in your area, for example, how do you do it differently and do it better?  This doesn’t have to be complicated – it could be something as simple as you always respond to email queries quickly! Whatever they may be, you need to define the points of difference between you and your competitors and then actively demonstrate how you prove them and live them every day.

Know your values

Small, medium or large – whatever the size of your business, when you’re building a brand you need to be really clear about the values that inform your personality. What do you value? How do you consistently act to support those values? A great way to define this is to keep it simple – identify three or four characteristics that best describe you and then stick to them. When you have chosen those characteristics, pick a mantra – something you can say to yourself in the mirror every morning about what you’re going to deliver that day. A short and catchy mantra, like ‘just do it!’ can ultimately become a tagline for your business. Remember: if you have your brand whittled down to something simple, it will be easy for people to pass it on and it will become a powerful tool for referral.

People often confuse a brand with marketing. The truth is, marketing is like asking someone for a date – your brand is the reason they say yes! A brand creates more meaningful and longer relationships with your customers. It’s more than what they think about your business, it’s what they feel about you without even thinking – and that is extremely powerful when it’s done right. To learn more about building an unbreakable brand, listen to the latest episode of “It’s a Good Life”.

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