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How Can You Build a Business that Lasts?

It’s the most popular question Brian has heard presenting at Buffini & Company- and industry-sponsored events for the last two decades: “How can I build a business that lasts?” With technology and tactics causing life to move at warp speed, many entrepreneurs and business leaders fear their success will be short-lived. Although they may wish to build a business they can pass on to their children and grandchildren, they worry their business will be obsolete long before that’s possible.

In episode #090 of The Brian Buffini Show podcast, Brian provides timeless advice on how to build a business that lasts:

Invest in relationships.

Your relationships can make or break your business, especially when you work by referral, so it’s essential to invest in them; that is, give your time, attention and resources to building your relationships with your clients. Also make it a priority to pour into your personal relationships—by investing time, attention and resources into your loved ones, you can ensure you have a thriving business and home life as well.

Standout with service.

Service is the contribution you make to the well-being of others, and it’s become a rarity today. Although your job may be to help your clients close a deal on a home, the services you offer may include connecting them with trade and service professionals in your network or providing them valuable information each month. By going the extra mile, you exhibit your excellence as a professional.

Develop your skills.

We all tout our expertise, but many of us don’t worry about honing our skills until we’ve made a mistake or experienced a setback. Even then, most people make excuses and blame the customer instead of admitting they need to sharpen their skills. Sharp skills will help you endure in any market at any stage of your career.

As Brian says in the episode, “Principles don’t change, tactics do.” Click here to listen to episode #090: Future Proof Your Business and be sure to subscribe to The Brian Buffini Show for more content on the mindsets, motivation and methodologies of success!

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