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Monthly Marketing Kit November 2017

Be Prepared

It may still be autumn, but this month, we’re turning our attention to winter. The November Marketing Flyers are intended to help your clients plan, whether they’re planning a festive holiday party for friend and loved ones or they’re planning to list their home on the market. What’s in the Box? The holiday season is […]

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Monthly Marketing Kit October 2017

It’s Time to Prepare

October is all about preparation. This month, the Marketing Flyers will help buyers understand and navigate the buying process and homeowners get their homes ready for winter. These flyers give you the opportunity to show your expertise and refer them to great professionals in your network. What’s in the Box? Help your clients understand and […]

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Tip #5: Don’t Give Up

Over the course of five weeks, we’ve outlined several timeless tips to help you recruit experienced agents to your brokerage. This week’s tip is intended to keep you motivated to recruit valuable agents to your growing business. Recruiting Tip #5: Don’t give up. Recruiting high-producing agents can be challenging; however, if you take the time […]

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Tip #4: Get to Know Prospective Agents

So far, over the last several weeks, we’ve encouraged you to change your perspective on recruiting, define your brand and tap into your network. This week, we’ll help you flip the script on the traditional recruiting presentation. Recruiting Tip #4: Have a conversation. Often, when we’re recruiting a new agent, we become so wrapped up […]

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Tip #3: Get Social with the Pros

By now you’ve changed the way you look at recruiting and have defined your brand. Today, we’ll help you expand your professional network so you can connect with other successful professionals in the industry. Recruiting Tip #3: Network with the Pros Real estate is a social profession and a critical part of success is networking […]

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Tip #2: Know Your Brand

Last week, we encouraged you to change your perspective on the recruiting process, and to see it as an opportunity to connect with top professionals in the industry.This week we’ll help you fine-tune your brand to focus on who you and your brokerage are. Recruiting Tip #2: Know your brand. Your brand is who you are […]

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Monthly Marketing Kit September 2018

Home Sales and Homeowner Insurance

The home selling process can be confusing for many sellers, especially first-time sellers. Similarly, many homeowners know they should have homeowner insurance, but aren’t sure what’s covered in their policies. The September Marketing Flyers outline the basics and give you the opportunity to guide them through the process and refer them to great professionals in […]

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