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Changing Careers? Here’s Why You Should Try Real Estate

Many people are looking to make a career change right now, and real estate is a top choice. It’s not surprising – as well as being financially and emotionally rewarding, real estate brings huge life opportunities. However, it’s also a difficult industry to get started in, the turnover rate is high and it requires real commitment if you want to succeed. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering a career in real estate: 

Real Estate is Fair

When someone is buying or selling a home, their main concern is that you’ll help them to get what they want. The top three questions every client has are: Can I trust you? Are you good at what you do? Do you care about me? If you always go above and beyond to consistently exceed expectations when it comes to these three questions, your background, race and gender do not matter.  

Real Estate is About Relationships

Relationships are at the heart of real estate. To create trust and deepen the connection with your customers, deliver exceptional service and then stay in constant touch with Calls, Notes and Pop-bys. If you always go the extra mile this way, your clients will become megaphones for you in the marketplace and refer you to their circles of influence. Top-quality referrals will begin to pour in, meaning you’ll never have to chase online leads or make cold calls. Working by referral like this is the best way to build a business that lasts the distance – and the bonus is that you get to work with people you really like!

Real Estate Means Freedom

When you work in real estate, you’re your own boss and you can make your own schedule. This gives great freedom, but it also requires great discipline! To ensure you don’t get distracted and waste precious time on non-lead-generating activities, it’s vital to have the right support systems and structures in place to help you to grow and earn as much as you want. This is where 100 Days to Greatness can help. The most comprehensive, step-by-step real estate training program ever created for the industry, 100 Days to Greatness will guide you through proven systems to launch a career in real estate, teaching you how to leverage your time, money and energy and be successful in just 100 days. It’s the perfect launch pad for your real estate career!

Real estate set me up for many opportunities in life and now it can do the same for you! Find out more today.

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