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How to Create a Breakthrough Year in 2018

Entering my 15th year of Coaching has been very eye opening as I reflect back on what has really worked and not worked both for myself and my clients. Since I doubt anyone wants to hear what hasn’t worked, I would like to submit to you the infamous 3-point strategy that I absolutely know will indeed lead to a breakthrough year if you choose to follow it this year. In true Brian Buffini fashion I first would like to give you my definition of what a breakthrough is: a significant offensive move to penetrate through and overcome a stalemate and bring success, progress and improvement; rising up to create a quantum leap. Are you ready for that? Then here we go:

1) Call your shot: What do you have a burning desire to get done or make happen this year? There’s nothing I love more or have seen work better than someone calling their shot combined with a “whatever it takes” attitude and mindset to make it happen. I could give you countless stories and practical examples of this so here’s just a few to whet your appetite:

  • One Harley riding client of mine had her eye on a particular Harley Davidson motorcycle but knew that it would take her best year ever in the business to get it done. She rose to the occasion and made it happen!
  • Another client of mine was determined to break the $500K gross commission barrier that had eluded him so his “carrot” was 2 Super Bowl tickets for him and his wife to experience the Super Bowl together. He killed it that year in having his best year ever and actually got to witness his favorite NFL team win the Super Bowl in a most dramatic way!

If Harleys and Super Bowls aren’t on your bucket list, how about a charity that you believe in and want to call your shot in giving back in a huge way? One of my clients who had started small giving to a charity called his shot to raise $100K per year for that same charity so that he could end up raising $1 million over a 10-year period of time to bless others!

2) Create some positive momentum: What is the one tactic you can get started on TODAY that will start blazing the trail towards your end game? Believe me, I understand that those first couple of steps forward can feel like you’re pushing a motor home up a big steep hill and it can be very uncomfortable and that’s exactly why you need to have a strong enough conviction to begin with when you’re calling your shot. If you’re not “all in” it’s simply not going to happen. On the flip side, if that desire is burning enough and when you decide to ACT and muster up just a little bit of courage, I guarantee you that you will be pleasantly surprised at the silent wind called positive momentum that you will create in back of you. Before long you will develop a sense of pride, confidence, and belief and maybe even a little “a-ha” that will have you saying, “Hey, I can really do this!” Remember, you treasure what you measure so keeping a success journal of your big and small victories is highly suggested.

3) Teamwork makes the dream work: I love to ask my kids the question, “What’s gonna work?” from one of their favorite TV shows and they shout back “Teamwork!” We simply can’t do it alone; we need community and relationships to be able to change. Connections empower us, balance our lives, keep us growing and learning faster, and make us more productive. Connections are the essence of life physically, mentally, and emotionally. Ask yourself who in your life cares about you enough to keep you capable of achieving your desired outcome and let them know that you really need them to help keep you on track this year. I have called on a gentleman who I know and trust to allow me to text him every single day this year on my big one word goal that I want him to keep me accountable/capable of this year and I am truly excited for the breakthrough that will absolutely happen this year with God’s strength empowering me.

So what say you? Do you have a strong enough dream or burning desire that will cause you to be stubbornly determined to make happen? Are you willing to write 2,018 notes in 2018 like one of my clients just announced that he will be doing this year? Whatever it is, start naming it and claiming it by calling your shot to those around you and put yourself in a position to win. Get on the breakthrough train, burn the ships, and don’t ever look back because the best is yet to come in making the rest of your life the best of your life!

We all know you can. It’s up to you to believe in yourself enough to make it happen.

Don’t hide that potential any longer,

Darrin Jackson

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