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Creative Closing Gifts in the Time of COVID-19

Even with the world on pause as a result of COVID-19, the real estate show is still going on! Real estate transactions are closing in many cities where it is safe to do so, and buyers are happily accepting the keys to their brand new home — from a safe social distance, of course.

For agents who Work by Referral, you know that after a transaction, the next step is to thank your clients for allowing you to serve them on this journey. You also want to help them celebrate their new purchase — that’s where a closing gift comes into play.

Closing gifts are items or services you give your clients after the closing to show your appreciation for their business. In this time of COVID-19, consider giving a different type of closing gift — one that may help your client and their family stay healthy, safe and entertained in their new home! Here are five ideas to get started.

A Deep Cleaning Session

Hire a company to come in and sanitize the entire home before your clients’ move-in day. The cleanse should be thorough and tackle every nook and cranny. This is a great way to save clients time while moving and to provide them with peace-of-mind as they settle into their new space. Bonus tip — work with a cleaning company in your B2B network to invest in that relationship too!

Meal Delivery 

Arrange for your client’s favorite meal to be delivered on their move in day or during their first week in the home. Whether it’s a local pizza place or a great sushi restaurant, you’ll be able to support a small business and give your clients one less thing to worry about while they unpack.

Cleaning Supplies Basket 

If you’re able to come by cleaning products like sanitizing wipes, cleaning sprays, paper towels and even hand sanitizer, pick them up and arrange them into a gift basket. Drop it off on the doorstep of the new home and send a picture to your clients. They will be so grateful to have the supplies on hand, especially as they move. Hey, maybe even throw in a roll of toilet paper if you have it!

Game Night, Delivered

Order a puzzle or game pack from Amazon, Walmart or another major retailer and have it shipped to your client’s new home. Include a personalized message that explains what it’s for! You’ll provide the family with some entertainment as they adjust to quarantine in their new home.

Digital Gift Cards

When in doubt, send a virtual gift card! These are quick and easy ways to send a little token of appreciation to your clients, with the gift certificates conveniently delivered to their inbox. You may consider a gift card to a home furnishing store, local restaurant or other popular small business in your town.

If you had a transaction recently close, or you have one almost ready to go, think about what you can do to show those clients some appreciation for continuing on their homeownership journey with all that’s going on right now. These closing gifts are small gestures that show big gratitude!

For more tips, inspiration and advice on how to navigate the real estate industry during these unprecedented times, visit the Buffini Bonus Resources for ideas.

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