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Dare to Be Great in the Middle of a Crisis

When we think of discipline, we often think of the military. Because they need to operate at the highest levels in the toughest of circumstances. military personnel always have to stay disciplined. Now is the perfect time to learn from and implement their rules in our own lives so we can stay on course, help others and remain steady and secure, even in these unprecedented times.  Here are some military tips for developing discipline in the middle of a crisis: 

Have Self-Control 

Having self-control means being patient. In a crisis, we tend to become impatient. We might be in very close quarters with other people, for example, and our patience can be exhausted quite quickly.  Under these conditions, we have to work even harder to control and manage our emotions.  Self-control is the key ingredient in learning how to be patient. 

Show Before Time 

When you put a schedule together, even if it’s just for you, be disciplined about it. Get up and show up on time for your daily workout, meditation or meals. Even better, be early!

Respect Rituals, Routines and Habits

In times of stress, it’s easy to abandon your regular routines. But maintaining your habits is even more important than ever right now. Remove temptations and distractions, such as the TV and the Internet, from your environment, decide what you want to get done and go full on. A disciplined calendar elevates every part of your life. As Abraham Lincoln said, “Discipline is choosing between what you want now, and what you want most.” Stick with it!

Do the Little Things

A great way to cultivate the habit of being disciplined is to focus on the little things. For example, make your bed before you leave the house, keep your car clean, take the garbage out, pick up after yourself. As you discipline yourself to do the little things, you become more disciplined in doing the bigger, more important things. Right now, I’m working from home so I organize my office at the end of every day. This way my space is protected and there’s no sense of overwhelm in the mornings. It’s a little thing, but it makes a big difference! 

Forgive and Forget 

When you have a setback, acknowledge what caused it and move on. Don’t get caught up in guilt, anger or frustration. Focus your energy on the positives and keep moving forward.

Finish What You Start

You can talk the talk, but only your actions convey how genuine you are. Are you really serious about the task at hand?  Respect yourself enough to keep your own promises to yourself and finish what you start. 

Stay focused

In challenging times, it’s hard to keep focused. When you find yourself getting distracted, read your goals, review your reasons why, anticipate obstacles and work on your new behaviors. Don’t beat yourself up if you get off track – sometimes it’s three steps forward, two steps back. Just shake it off and relock on your goal.

As Lou Holtz said, “Without self-discipline, success is impossible.” Discipline is the foundation on which all success is built, so work to keep disciplined, now more than ever. 

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