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Do You Need a Budget?

Budgets—some people create them and abide by them each and every month. However, the majority of people sees the word “budget” and breaks out in a cold sweat. A budget isn’t a bad thing; in fact, it’s essential if you want to have more control over your finances.

So, do you need a budget?

Do you know where your money went last month?

  1. Yes, to the penny. Want to see my spreadsheet?
  2. Kind of; here’s some crumpled up receipts.
  3. No, but I wish some of it would come back so I could pay my electric bill.
  4. No, but I’m rich so I don’t need to.

Do you have financial goals?

  1. Of course; in fact, I just hit a milestone this morning!
  2. You know, I keep meaning to get around to that…
  3. Does a goal to pay all my bills on time count?
  4. Who needs goals when you’re as rich as me?

What’s your attitude toward spending?

  1. I plan my spending ahead of time and stick to it.
  2. I have a general idea of what I want to spend, but sometimes I splurge a little.
  3. Spending is so much fun…until I’m out of money to spend.
  4. I spend money because I have money to spend.

Your results: Regardless of your answer, you need a budget! That’s right, whether you’re scavenging for coins from the couch by the end of the month or you have a six-figure bank balance, a budget ensures you retain control over your money. In the latest episode of “The Brian Buffini Show,” Brian says, “There is no amount of money that you will create that will be enough to not have a budget.” Listen to the episode and become a Buffini Show Insider to access the exclusive resources for the episode.

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