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Don’t Just Set Goals, Do This – an Interview with Bo Eason

If you want to succeed in business and in life, you need to become the master of your own story. Stories are how we connect with each other – if you can effectively tell your personal story, with all of its achievements and failures, you’ll be able to forge instant bonds and build strong relationships with other people. I recently spoke to former NFL player, author and success coach Bo Eason to learn the essential elements of telling your story. Here are his top tips:  

Make it personal

When it comes to your story, you can’t be vague or distant about the details – you have to make it personal. Personal equals universal: the more personal your story, the more you will impact other people. Think back to a low point in your life. Is there a chapter that you’re too ashamed of or too embarrassed to address? That’s probably what you need to talk about! We all experience turning points in life – times when we have to decide to either fight on or to quit. These difficult times define us. If we can learn to talk about them, they will really help us to connect with others.

Make it physical

People might not always trust what you say, but they will always trust what your body tells them. The truth is, the body can’t lie. Biologically, we are all predatory animals. We can either apologize for this fact, or we can lean into it. If you can learn to embody your story in a physical way every time you engage then others won’t be able to simply look away or dismiss you – instead, they will be compelled by you.

Make it your golden goose

If you learn how to tell it well, your personal story can become your most valuable asset. The difficulties and the hardships that you endured are what make you one-of-a-kind. Think about Michael Jordan – he’s known as great precisely because he got cut from his high school basketball team! Everyone has a unique path through life. If you can clarify how that path evolved and then figure out how to share it in a compelling way, you’ll quickly create trust and intimacy with other people, become a truly effective and persuasive communicator and achieve more success in work and in life.

To learn more about tapping into the power of your personal story, listen to the latest episode of “It’s a Good Life”.

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