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Start your year by building momentum, sharpening your skills and creating the habits you’ll need to generate massive amounts of quality leads in 2017!

The first of three seasonal productivity sprints, The Blitz: Launch Your Year is a 75-day activity-driven lead-generation program intended to help agents and producing brokers generate 40 percent of their annual leads by the end of March.

Created by real estate experts Brian Buffini and Joe Niego to match the rhythm of the real estate business, The Blitz allows you to focus on your lead generation during the times of the year when doing so is most natural—the first quarter of the year, the summer and the final quarter of the year.

That’s not to say you won’t generate leads in between; however, you’ll focus more heavily on generating leads in these spurts during the year. The objective of The Blitz is to boost your lead generation when it’s most effective so you can work less, make more money and enjoy your business more.

Produce results each week

Each week features video training with Brian Buffini and Joe Niego, who outline strategies to use during the week, including real-world applications to help you when you’re in the field. After you’ve watched the videos, do the activities outlined each day of the week and log your activities in Blitz Central or Referral Maker® CRM. It’s that simple.

Consistency is key! When you do your activities every day, you’ll immediately begin to generate more leads and set your business up for a great year. The program is designed to help you close one extra transaction per month and earn up to $121,776 in extra commission if you participate in all three Blitz programs this year.

Sign up today!

The first Blitz begins January 16, 2017 and is free for One2One Coaching™, Group Coaching and Referral Maker® PRO Members! Referral Maker® CRM Members can join the fun for a $199 one-time fee. If you’re not a Member, you can sign up, too, for a one-time fee of $299. Click here to sign up for the Blitz today!

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