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Ep #298: The Miracle of Your Mind – with Earl Nightingale

Successful people are not without their problems – they have simply learned how to solve them. I recently shared the second in a series of unheard recordings by personal growth legend Earl Nightingale in which he explained how you can solve any problem in your life by using the limitless power of your mind. Here are some of the major takeaways:

Everyone has problems – they’re part of living. But, instead of seeing their problems as issues that can be solved, many people waste time worrying about things in the future that will never happen, things in the past that can’t be changed or things that are so petty they aren’t worth worrying about. There are two kinds of legitimate worries: problems you can solve and problems you can’t. Happily, about 95% of your real problems can usually be solved if you simply use the power of your mind.

Everything that means anything to us comes through our minds: our love for our families, our knowledge, our talents and abilities. Furthermore, anything that will come to us in the future will also come as a result of the extent to which we use our minds. And yet, our mind is often the last place on earth we turn to for help! The truth is, the mind has untold opportunities, if only we will use them.

To really tap into the power of your mind, devote just one hour a day, five days a week to exercising it. Pick a time you can count on, perhaps first thing in the morning when it’s quiet. Then, take a blank sheet of paper and write down the goal you want to achieve, clearly and simply. Next, write down 20 ideas of how you can reach this goal, no matter how silly or absurd they seem. Some of your ideas will work, some won’t. The most important thing is that this daily hour deeply embeds your goal into your subconscious mind and starts you thinking every morning. When you do this, you’ll find that your mind will continue to work all day long and, when you least expect it, really great ideas will come to you. This powerful exercise, which costs only five hours a week, is like digging in a solid vein of pure gold.

Your mind is your most valuable possession. You can use its unique power to put yourself in the driving seat, solve your problems and get what you want from life. To learn more about the miracle of your mind, listen to the latest episode of “The Brian Buffini Show.”

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