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Five Steps to Getting the Most Out of Your Talent

Five Steps to Getting the Most Out of Your Talent

Do you have untapped talent you’re not cashing in on? Never sell yourself short. Make sure you are getting the most out of your talents by embracing the following five principles.

1. Harness the influence of real estate coaching

The definition of “coach” has evolved over the years. First it was a mode of transportation, then in the early 19th century it became a slang for a tutor who “carried” a student through an exam. Now, it’s become someone to guide you from one place to the next. Think about sports coaches, learning coaches, business coaches, financial coaches, spiritual coaches, life coaches, etc. No matter the focus, the goal of a coach is always the same: to help you move into a better state! Check out Buffini & Company One2One Coaching to get started.

2. Engage people who are further down the road

Oftentimes, the best way to maximize your talent is to learn from someone who has already gone down the road you want to travel. In fact, finding people who are just a little further down the path is essential to getting the most out of your talent. On my journey to real estate success, I can directly point to seasoned agents who helped me navigate the challenges they had already overcome. These people were major catalysts in my professional development. Seek out a few successful people you admire and set aside time to talk with them. Most will be happy to help guide you!.

3. Focus on your goal

Focus is required to get the most out of your talent. Commit to necessary activities until you succeed. Remember, as Brian Buffini says, “You can only control activities, you can’t control results.” When you focus on your goals, obstacles that once appeared insurmountable become hurdles you can navigate. When your eye is on the prize and not on the challenge, you will feel more free and encouraged to use your talents. Don’t get discouraged. Stay focused.

4. Understand passion

I always thought the word “passion” had only to do with positive, happy and enthusiastic emotions. Well, after looking into it, I discovered that’s not quite accurate. The word “passion” was formed in the 15th century and originates from the Latin word “passio,” which means “suffering, enduring.” This was a huge paradigm shift for me, but the root of the word makes a lot of sense. For example, I am extremely passionate about every aspect of real estate: buying, selling, owning and speaking about it. That passion has helped me endure many challenges and setbacks along the way. With any worthwhile pursuit, there are going to be barriers; having passion will enable you to see past them and use your talents.

5. Be aware of how you’re wired

Knowing how you’re wired — the fundamental structure of your personality — will help you maximize your natural gifts and develop the skills you need to achieve your life and business goals. Therefore, it’s important to understand how you naturally communicate and process information. Once you can identify your natural abilities and core motivations, you’ll be able to embrace your strengths and identify your weaknesses. The Heritage Profile is a great tool we offer at Buffini & Company to assess your attributes and perspectives so you can use them to break through business and communication roadblocks and continue growing.

When you live by these five principles, you will be using your talents to the max. Develop the ability to tap into your talent “bank,” and you’ll see great gains in both your business and personal relationships.

Joe Niego

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