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Four Apps to Help You Get Organized This Spring

Get Organized this Spring

Chances are you set a resolution at the beginning of the year to get more organized. If you’ve fallen off track since January 1, have no fear! Spring cleaning doesn’t only have to apply to your home and office — you can also use it to get on track in your life.

Now is a perfect time to look for ways to tidy up your daily, weekly and monthly tasks! Here are a few apps to help you get on track and stay organized throughout the rest of the year.

Google Keep – Described as a “productivity app,” Google Keep is more than just a notetaking app. The more visual organizers can craft to-do lists in checklist format, and group related notes into movable tiles with labels. If you use Google Drive frequently in your business, Google Keep lets you seamlessly sync notes and docs from one platform to the other.

Evernote – A crowd favorite, this is a notetaking app that allows you to attach other media to your notes. Write down to-do lists, recipes, grocery lists and anything else you need. Evernote will sync with all of your devices so you can access those notes anywhere. 

The Vault – Looking for a way to safely keep track of your many passwords? The Vault is an app that does just that. It has the ability to integrate with multiple devices, so you can access it on your desktop, tablet or phone. Use it to safely store passwords, a photo of your passport or any other sensitive documents you’d like to reference digitally.   

HabitList – Got a habit you’re trying to fold into your routine? Maybe it’s maintaining your new clean home or office, or just drinking more water throughout the day. Whatever you’re trying to make routine, HabitList is an app to guide you along. You simply add your habit, set how often you want to stick to it, and the app will send you reminders and progress updates. This makes those otherwise boring — and sometimes daunting — tasks a little more fun! 

These apps will help keep your busy schedule organized for the rest of the year. Give them a try and get on track to living the Good Life!

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