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Four Tips to Help Your Family Grow Together

Although the stresses of quarantine have become part of our daily lives, it is still up to us to choose how we will perceive them.

Yes — we miss our friends, our hobbies and our personal time. Yes — we are challenged to rethink our financial futures and how we “do school.” However, there is a lot of good that has emerged as a by-product of this ever-evolving “new normal.”

When we focus on what’s good, it grows! Read on for tips how you (and yours) can get back on track and grow together.

  1. Be of Service. At one point, you made a commitment to serve your partner. Why not use this as an opportunity to refresh this commitment and add a little friendly competition? For example, try to outdo each other with acts of service and reward your efforts with an at-home date night.
  • Be a Team. Love is patient and if you are like most people, your patience is tested every day. It’s okay if you’re annoyed with the people who you love the most—just remember to set it aside, because you are on the same team and we are all better together.
  • Be Quiet. For many people, the home has become the office and the school. There is a lot of energy (and space) to manage, and it’s likely that things will not get done how they did before. Instead of creating conflict, consider how you can simply “take care of business” and go with the flow. It does take work to stay positive, but it is worth it!
  • Be Interested. If you have kids who are unexpectedly home, use this gift of time to connect with them. Take an interest in their interests, whether it’s cooking, music or sports, and find an authentic way to participate with them. If you have littles, take a peek through these ideas for fun, family time.

If you’re like us, we would wipe the word “unprecedented” from our vocabulary. As we roll with the pace of changes in the world today, we know that we can evolve to be better.

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