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The real estate industry is currently undergoing a period of intense and rapid change. The sales income of agents is dropping year on year, there is a lack of focus, and there’s a troubling level of destruction and confusion like never before. Many factors are driving these unsettling changes, including the unprecedented influx of venture capital into the market, the relentless advance of technological developments, and a widespread misunderstanding about authentic and successful lead generation tactics.

Surviving and thriving in this sort of unsure and disruptive environment is very challenging. To succeed, you must stand out from the crowd. How? By concentrating on the three core fundamentals of good business: relationships, service, and skills. By focusing on these fundamentals, the average Buffini & Company client already makes 12 times that of the average national real estate professional and that number continues to widen.

First, focus on your relationships. Relationships are at the heart of every successful business. Lavish your customers with time, attention, and care and you will create strong, long-lasting, and loyal advocates for your business for years to come, regardless of market changes, fluctuations, and disruptors.

Next, provide exceptional service. Always give more and better service than is required of you. Consistently exceed your customers’ expectations and you will remain in their minds long after the deal has been done, and receive more valuable referrals as a result.

Finally, engage in the constant and never-ending improvement of your skills. Your skills pay the bills so make sure to keep them up to date. As Jim Rohn said, “You must work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job, you can make a living, if you work hard on yourself, you can make a fortune.”

Succeeding in 2019 is within everyone’s reach. It just requires a commitment to invest in relationships, provide exceptional service, and develop phenomenal skills. By taking these three steps you will be able to navigate the noise and uncertainty in the marketplace, adapt to any changes you encounter, and better serve your clients. Remember – change is bad for people who don’t anticipate, prepare, and work accordingly, but it’s fantastic for the folks who are ready. So put in the work and be ready for the changes coming your way!

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