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Get Locked and Loaded for 2021

With 2020 almost behind us, it’s time to start planning your 2021. The coronavirus pandemic veered many professionals off course, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get things moving again in the new year.

In order to find success next year, you need to get locked and loaded with 2021 real estate market knowledge and essential industry skills that will set you apart from your competition. With all of the uncertainty of 2020, buyers and sellers are no longer putting their faith in just any agent — they are seeking a highly-recommended, competent professional who can adapt in the face of change and provide them with peace of mind in any market.

Make it your mission to be the real estate agent your clients can depend on in any market. Here are three things to prioritize right now so you are prepared to start 2021 strong and better serve your clients.

Ramp Up Your Skills

It’s your skills that will pay the bills in 2021. Hopefully you used some down time in 2020 to brush up on your real estate skills — if you didn’t get to it, have no fear! Take some time over the holidays to load up on online real estate training programs that will give you the skills needed to confidently guide buyers and sellers through any market. With you by their side, they should have nothing to worry about!

Commit to Exceptional Service

Not only should you wow your clients with your exceptional real estate skills, but they should also be blown away by your fantastic customer service! Go above and beyond to ensure that each client feels supported and appreciated by you. Plan small client appreciation gifts to drop off throughout the year, and stock up on notecards so you can mail out regular handwritten notes to show your gratitude toward your best clients. This strategy will lead to multiple referrals to people you’ll love working with.

Understand Market Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic shifted the market in 2020, sparking new buying and selling trends across North America. The strongest agents will enter the new year with a solid understanding of the latest real estate market research and trends so they can help their clients make the best possible move. Study where the market is going and what you as an agent need to do in order to navigate these waters successfully.

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