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Get Your Best Real Estate Agent Training Out in the Field

Get Your Best Real Estate Agent Training Out in the Field

In the world of journalism, a beat reporter is a journalist who focuses on a particular neighborhood or subject for their publication or network. While their stories may be written at a headquarters, news station or home office, much of their work is done out in the field as they immerse themselves in the community they cover.

In the world of real estate, it is a very similar situation for agents. Your office is necessary for work that, much like a reporter, must be done on paper or in front of a computer screen, but it is only half of your workplace. It cannot be where you spend your whole day. A beat reporter that is always at their desk isn’t doing their whole job, and the same can be said for an agent.

Whether you’ve been in the business for years or you’re just getting started, getting out in the field is one of the best methods of real estate agent training. To learn the ropes and master your skills, it is essential for you to get out into the marketplace, especially during the holiday season where the social opportunities are plentiful. Implement the five strategies below to establish yourself in your marketplace, “own your beat” and train up your skills.

Own Your Beat.

To own your beat, you need to put yourself out there. Say hello to the neighbors and build relationships like a journalist would. Support small businesses, walk down a busy local street and visit community centers. You will build your knowledge of the area and quickly become the go-to professional for all your community’s needs.

Study Your Marketplace.

You may not be reporting on local news, but you are your client’s source for marketplace trends! The more you know, the more information you can provide to your clients, thus increasing your value as an agent and standing out from the competition. Find out about the school systems, highways, places of worships, local concerts and festivals of their neighborhood, and be aware of home information, such as average sale price, average days on the market, etc. You’ll learn much of this by getting out there and doing hands-on research in your marketplace.

Establish a Local Presence.

Often used in the professional sports world regarding sports arenas and stadiums, “naming rights” is a term describing the millions of dollars an outside company will pay to have its name or logo posted on the stadium. Believe it or not, real estate professionals have these same opportunities! We gain “naming rights” every time we post our real estate sign on the lawn of a home we are listing. The best news is that we don’t have to pay $18 million dollars, or even $18. We don’t pay a dime! As a matter of fact, the homeowner pays us in commission. There is not a sweeter deal in the business arena. The more listings you have, the more opportunities you get for “naming rights” in a concentrated area. You will cultivate an impactful presence!

Provide Exceptional Service.

Getting out of the office and providing exceptional service doesn’t mean you have to run in circles and exhaust yourself. Sometimes, providing exceptional service just means giving more of who you already are. The common denominator of all great salespeople is that they are also great givers. The “gifts” you distribute do not have to be monetary — often times the best ones can’t be purchased, like your time energy and respect. 

Manage Your Digital Presence.

Technology, as it has been for journalism, is one of the most confusing topics to arrive on the real estate scene in years. Facebook and Instagram are more scalable versions of a personal brochure. Just like a brochure or postcard, these platforms hold value. The problem, however, is that they are passive attempts at connection. It is important to keep the proper perspective with social media. A reporter who only researches online profiles lacks credibility. Because of its tremendous impact, you will want to maintain a presence, but you shouldn’t invest all your time, energy and money into it.

These tips will help you get the best real estate training when you get out into your marketplace. The Pathway to Mastery™—Essentials is our Buffini & Company realtor training program that guides you through this field work step-by-step. Sign up today and get started owning your marketplace!

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