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Gift Your Agents With Great Real Estate Training

When you’re responsible for leading a real estate team or brokerage, you want to ensure you’re providing your agents with everything they need to be successful.

That can be hard to do in a pandemic, when the physical office space is off-limits and in-person team building activities have been limited to coffee breaks over Zoom.

Still, there is one thing you can provide to your agents no matter what’s going on in the world: real estate training.

Real estate training is the gift that keeps on giving! At Buffini & Company, we offer several real estate training programs for agents at every stage of their career so they can break through to the next level.

Here’s why a Buffini & Company real estate agent training program is the best gift you could give your clients to ensure success.

Taken Online — These programs can all be accessed online, so your agents can watch from the comfort of their own home. No need to gather everyone in-person if your team has been working remotely.

Keeps Agents Engaged — Weekly modules and action steps engage agents, telling them exactly what they need to do that week to apply the content learned. These create opportunities for you as the class facilitator to check in one-on-one with agents to see how they’re doing and how you can support them with these tasks.

Bring the Team Together — These have been isolating times for many. Leading a real estate training will give your office a chance to gather (albeit virtually) over something that benefits everybody in the long-term.

Support for Team Leaders — You’re not in this alone! At Buffini & Company, we offer ample support for real estate brokers, owners and managers leading these training sessions. You’ll be assigned your very own training consultant who can answer your questions about presenting the content, while our blog provides plenty of tips and tricks on leading a virtual real estate training, keeping your team on track and more!

If you’re ready to gift your office with a Buffini & Company real estate training program, start by getting Buffini Certified! You’ll get certified to facilitate courses like The Pathway to Mastery® and 100 Days to Greatness® for agents at every stage of their career.

Get Buffini Certified today!

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