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How Buffini Agents are Living the Good Life

Buffini & Company Members aren’t your typical real estate agents.

While others chase online leads, Buffini agents enjoy quality referrals. They’ve swapped cold calls for Pop-Bys and banner advertising for word of mouth. The people they serve aren’t dollar signs, but lifelong friends.

These agents aren’t your typical earners either. Members in Buffini & Company real estate coaching programs earn an average of $310,000 per year — 10 times more than what the average sales agent makes.

So what’s their secret?

Buffini agents are running all or most of their business by referral, which means that they can cut costs on advertising by serving their current customers at the highest level. When clients get the white glove treatment, they are more likely to refer their agent to friends and family, creating a win-win situation.

“Working by Referral has allowed our team to focus more on our clients by creating deeper connections,” says One2One Coaching™ Member Joe Reef in Washington D.C. “More importantly, it’s helped cut our overall cost of business as we don’t have to market blindly for new leads.”

As agents simplify their lead generation with the Working by Referral system, they also get to make it fun. Real estate lead generation activities are more than cold calls and online ads — the Referral Maker® PRO marketing kit turns them into opportunities for relationship building. Agents will mail Items of Value, make phone calls, write notes, deliver small appreciation gifts or even host parties to celebrate and thank their top-referring clients. They then log and track progress in Referral Maker® CRM, a Buffini & Company productivity tool for agents Working by Referral.

The idea is to demonstrate a high level of care for individuals in the database and stay top of mind as their go-to real estate professional.

“Once I understood my clients inside and out, lead generation became automatic,” says Michelle Leung, a coaching Member based in Toronto, Canada. “Client parties became a “get-together” gathering, Pop-Bys were because I missed them and notes became a habit. Now I get reverse calls and notes from clients!”

All Buffini & Company’s top-producing agents work with a trusted One2One real estate coach to help them build and maintain a balanced business. But these coaches are also helping clients find ways to achieve balance at home by teaching the Five Circles: spiritual, family, business, financial and personal.

“The Five Circles are the backbone of my goal setting and help me to live a balanced life,” says Michelle.

 When that balance is off, agents may feel lost, misguided or stuck. The coaches make sure agents are working on all their Five Circles for best results.

“Sometimes it is something in one circle that needs to be fixed so that the business circle can operate well,” says Bill Leeper, another One2One Coaching Member.

 This type of well-rounded real estate coaching combined with the Work by Referral lead generation system is the winning combination that unlocks the good life for so many Buffini & Company Members. Like many of her fellow One2One Coaching Members, Michelle Leung says she is grateful for everything that her coach has helped her achieve.

“My coach is my go-to person,” says Michelle. “She understands my goals and helps me through them step-by-step, and she provides me with her insights to bring me to dream bigger.”

Are you ready to reach new heights in your career? Sign up for a free business consultation to learn how Buffini & Company membership can change your game!

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