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How the Right Real Estate CRM will Save You Time

Real estate agents are busy, and efficiency is a huge priority. Not managing your time wisely can greatly reduce your productivity and ultimately harm your business. An investment in time management is an investment in productivity — one of the best tools to help you with this is a real estate CRM, known in full as customer relationship management software.

We know that this software can help save us money by organizing our contacts and marketing efforts. But did you ever think about how it can save you time? In a busy industry, the right CRM functions more like a productivity tool. Here are five ways a great real estate CRM will save you time — just make sure you select the right one!

1. One-Stop-Shop for Relational Marketing

Why go to ten different sources to get your marketing when you can organize it with just one? A realtor CRM tool lets you craft emails, start campaigns and track the progress of this marketing, allowing you to do it all in one place and save time as a result. I work by referral, so my marketing involves contact with relationships in the form of monthly emails, items of value in the mail and small pop-bys I deliver to stay top of mind. My productivity tool, Referral Maker CRM, allows me to get all of this done at one time.

2. Helps You Sort and Qualify Contacts

When you know who your best people are, you can spend time and energy on those folks, instead of wasting time marketing to people who don’t want to work with you. An efficient real estate CRM system should allow you to rank your database from the highest to lowest quality leads. In the working by referral system, this allows you to maximize your time and marketing efforts.

3. Easy Way to Track Progress

Rather than trying to remember where you left off in your lead generation for a certain relationship, you can use your CRM to keep all of that information in one place. In Referral Maker CRM, the Priority Action Center is that place. Information is easy to read and clear to understand. This feature also shows what you’ve accomplished and what you have left to do. These elements streamline your lead generation so you can spend less time on the computer and more time out in the field.  

4. Makes Your To-Do List

A top-of-the-line real estate CRM system will generate action steps based on your goals and current status. Referral Maker CRM does this with the “To Do’s” section — I get reminders daily to keep track of my campaign activities and reach out to clients on birthdays, purchase anniversaries, etc. Of course, it’s always a great practice to keep a written to-do list. Let the digital list complement that one, so when you pop on your realtor CRM you know exactly what you need to accomplish without getting distracted.

5. All the Tools Needed to Run Your Business in One Place

Before jumping into Referral Maker CRM, I had all of my documents scattered. A spreadsheet for the database, a document for marketing plans, another document for drafting emails … it was overwhelming, and took tons of time to go through each when I needed something. A real estate CRM system holds all of these documents and gives you the infrastructure to act upon them. That simple access saves so much time in your day!

If you’re looking to streamline your business, I highly recommend investing in a real estate CRM. Referral Maker CRM is my favorite for this. If you’re already a realtor CRM user, challenge yourself to learn all the features so you can maximize the time you spend on the platform. Cheers to a productive rest of the year!

Joe Niego

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