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How to Achieve Sustainable Success in Real Estate

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of speaking before successful brokers from across the country during the CEO Exchange Super Session of the RISMedia Real Estate CEO Exchange. The topic of the session was, “Sustainable Success.”

We know a thing or two about sustainable success here at Buffini & Company. We’re proud to coach and train our Members to take control of their businesses and achieve sustainable success along the way. Our Members will close approximately 625,000 transactions this year, which breaks down to one in eight homes. That’s right; every one in eight homes sold in North America is sold by you, one of our outstanding Members. We must be doing something right!

One of the reasons many of you came to us is because you didn’t have a system in place. Or, you were working transactionally and became discouraged by traditional methods of lead generation that force you to continually rebuild your databases at the start of every year.

The beauty of working by referral is that it focuses on building relationships with your past and current clients.

The beauty of working by referral is that it focuses on building relationships with your past and current clients. While you provide value and great service to your clients, they become more likely to refer you to their family and friends when you ask them to. As a result, you’re able to build a solid network of advocates for your business while creating a steady stream of reliable leads. Much like interest compounds on loans and investments, you compound the clients in your database. What’s more sustainable than that?

Warren Buffet said, “The solution to productivity is training, systems and motivation.” Having a system isn’t enough if you don’t continue your training with seminars and classes. You’ll not only keep your skills sharp and enhance your knowledge; you’ll also stay motivated to succeed regardless of the challenges you may face.

The end of the year presents a great opportunity to reflect on the progress you’ve made toward the goals you set in January. It’s also an ideal time to plan for 2016 and recommit to the Work by Referral system. What will you do in 2016 to make your business more sustainable? Recommit to the system and you’ll enjoy the benefits in the year ahead.

Need help getting started? We recommend new and seasoned agents take Peak Producers training to sharpen their skills and get motivated to have their best year ever. Click to learn more about Peak Producers Training!

It’s a good life!


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