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How to Host an Agent Appreciation Party That Brings in New Recruits

To implement a successful recruiting strategy, you must maintain a successful retention strategy! That’s because there is a direct relationship between agent happiness and recruitment efforts.

Agents who feel valued by their current broker are going to want to work even harder in the company — and tell all their friends in the industry how great they have it.

One great way to show your team you appreciate them is through a party — an agent appreciation party, to be exact. This is an event in which you celebrate your team and recognize achievements at a barbeque, baseball game or other lively setting.

So how does this affect recruiting? It’s the same reason your agents throw client appreciation parties for their best people. By thanking those folks with a fun event, they are reiterating their commitment to exceptional service. These clients are reminded of their agent’s promise to going above and beyond, and as a result, send more referrals their way.

By throwing an agent appreciation party, your agents feel seen and empowered, and will want to refer your company to their colleagues in the industry who are looking for a change.

Here are a few party ideas to get you started:

  • Outdoor Office Barbeque — Invite your agents and their families to the office or your home for some food and entertainment. Put out games and activities for the whole family to enjoy! Send them home with a small gift or party favor.
  • Baseball Game — Take everyone to support your local major or minor league baseball team, on you! Invite agents’ families along as well and enjoy a day at the ballpark.
  • Back to School Kit Giveaway — Compile a small kit containing school supplies for your agents with kids. Distribute them at the office — your team can simply drive up and collect their gift basket! 

Don’t forget to follow up with attendees with a personal note! Thank them for coming, and let them know that you are never too busy for their agent referrals. This will generate more new agent leads than you think! That’s because you’ve demonstrated to your team that you value them, and they know you would do the same with their colleagues.

With any of these events, you’ll want to plan ahead to ensure they go off without a hitch! We’ve built this free guide to help you throw a fantastic agent appreciation party. 

Another way to recruit and retain exceptional talent is through real estate training. Buffini & Company offers a suite of real estate training courses geared toward agents at every career level. Get Buffini Certified today to lead these programs in your office!

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