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How to Keep Your Business Momentum During the Holiday Season

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As a real estate agent, you may feel a bit concerned that your business will not be as productive during the month of December. With everything happening around the holidays, it’s easy to think no one is thinking about real estate. But it’s actually a great time to work on your business plan for the new year and put in place systems and resources. The season also offers opportunities to connect with your current clients and leads, as well as meeting new ones.

Here are some tips to help keep your momentum during the holiday season.

Be Available

Let your clients know you are actively still working and are available to answer any of their questions and help them with transactions throughout the holiday season.

Less Competition

Reach out to your clients to remind them that there is less competition during the holidays, for both buying and selling. And while buyers may not be able to look at every house on their wish list, they can at least look at the neighborhood a house is in. For sellers, since inventory is still so low and motivated buyers are still out there, it may be a great time to place their home on the market.

Stay in Touch with Clients and Leads

Call your clients and wish them a happy holiday. There’s no better time to send a note and drop off a small, thoughtful gift.  

Share Resources

Everyone is wondering about the state of the real estate market. Share well-researched timely information with your clients and offer to be a resource for them at any time should they have more questions.

Spend Time on Your Business Plan

Take advantage of down time to really work on your business plan. Put systems and resources in place so you can hit the ground running after the holidays.

Become Informed and Inspired

Read books, listen to podcasts and watch webinars to learn new ideas and best practices.


Whether it’s a one-to-one lunch or a social event, the chance to connect with others is a great way to build new relationships and add to your database.

Get Involved in the Community

Help out at a holiday event hosted by a nonprofit in your community. Giving back always makes you feel positive and you’ll potentially meet new clients and leads.

Rest and Rejuvenate

It’s been a hectic past few years in the real estate industry. Take some time now for yourself whether it’s spending time with family and friends, taking a few days to go away or even just enjoying some quiet time at home. The new year will have its own set of unique challenges so taking a short break now is important to recharge and get ready.

Doing even a few of these ideas will encourage and motivate you to not only have a productive December but also prepare for a great year ahead. For more inspiration be sure to check our other blogs and resources.

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