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How to Manage Your Relationships

As a real estate agent, you’re likely an independent contractor. You’re your own boss, but you’re also your own employee. If you want to run your business like a business, you have to treat it like a job. I can tell you from my own experience; the biggest jump in my production occurred as a result of my shift in perspective. When you treat your business like a job, you schedule your day, including what time you get in the office and what time you leave. When you have a job, you have a list of duties and responsibilities when you go into the office. My job was to generate leads, so I was in the office every day before nine. But, it’s not enough to just generate the leads; you have to manage your relationships with your leads and your clients as well.

Manage your relationships

Back when I started in real estate, we didn’t have Referral Maker CRM to help us manage our relationships. I would use pen and paper to sort and qualify my database into A, B, and C categories. With Referral Maker CRM, you just import your database and take a few minutes to sort and qualify them into categories. The CRM app also has GPS built into it so if you have a few minutes between appointments, you can deliver a few Pop-Bys to your clients and build your relationships with them.

Track your activities

The most difficult transition I made in real estate is you can work hard day in and day out and you don’t often see the work you do. It can demotivate people—day after day of nothing happening and I have nothing to show for it. I started to write down my activities on index cards. I would write the calls I made. Day after day I would do this and over time I could look back and see all that I accomplished. Referral Maker CRM makes it easy to track your activities. Once you’ve sorted and qualified your database, it gives you a list of activities to complete each day to connect with your database. If you do all of your activities each day, you can win the day, and if you do them several days in a row, you can win the week. Over time, this will help you feel more accomplished. If you ever find yourself in a position where you’re not feeling motivated and you can’t focus, it’s because you’re not getting enough feedback. Review your activities on Referral Maker CRM and see all you’ve done. In real estate, your income is a trailing effect to activities. The more activities you do, the higher your income will be.

Manage your marketing

Even though you’re marketing to people you know, it’s crucial to market to them by providing value. The more value you provide, the more trust you’ll build with your clients. Referral Maker PRO gives you everything you need, from the marketing flyers and eReports to send to your clients each month to the notecards to write to follow up and check in with your clients. Referral Maker CRM also allows you to manage your marketing so you can stay on top of your business.

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Joe Niego

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