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How to Increase Your Value in Business and Life

We’re all trying to find our Acre of Diamonds, and if you’ve been listening to my podcast, The Brian Buffini Show, you know it’s found beneath our feet. We already have the tools to find what makes us valuable to our clients and those around us. However, it’s often difficult for us to find it ourselves. Luckily, there’s hope. Here are five tips for increasing your value to find the treasure you seek.

Commit to personal growth. We’re all a work in progress. When we focus on sharpening our skills, increasing our knowledge and learning from experience, we become truly unstoppable in our businesses. Often, when we get busy, personal growth is the first thing we cut back on. We may say “Oh, I don’t have time for that.” It’s when we think we don’t have time for personal development that we need it the most. Commit to spending some time each day to reading, listening to podcasts and improving yourself. Sign up for an event, like Brian Buffini’s Success Tour and Buffini & Company’s GameChangers to not only improve your knowledge and skills, but connect with other top-performing professionals as well.

Set goals. Goals are essential to success. Create short-, medium- and long-term realistic, measurable goals. While long-term goal may be a large-scale achievement that it may take you a year or more to reach, your short- and medium-term goals will serve as milestones to reach along the way. Write down your goals and refer to them often to help you stay focused.

Seek the help of a coach. A coach can help you stay on track when you begin to veer off-course due to setbacks or diminishing motivation. They’ve been in your spot before and can share the lessons they learned from their successes and mistakes. They also provide accountability to make sure you stay consistent with the work by referral system. If you haven’t signed up for coaching, what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more about One2One Coaching from Buffini & Company.

Tap into your community. Increase your circle of support by networking with other focused and like-minded professionals. Buffini Groups is a small group of other Buffini & Company members who share tips and advice and provide encouragement and support for one another.

Prioritize your day. I’ll let you in on a secret—the more successful you are, the longer your to-do list becomes. You have to focus on what’s important and what will give you the best results. Every day, choose your top one or two priorities, and when you’ve completed those, pinpoint your next two priorities, and so on. Similarly, if your family is your number one priority, plan your schedule around your family vacations, children’s activities and important birthdays and anniversaries. Your loved ones will feel like a priority to you and your clients will respect that you’ve created boundaries.

You have value to your clients, loved ones and those around you. Recognize your value and tap into it. Have you reserved your spot at the Success Tour? If not, click here to reserve your seat at the live event or the live broadcast


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