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Moving During COVID-19? Here’s What You Need to Know

People are on the move, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, existing home sales hit about 5.8 million in July 2020 — an increase of nearly 25% from the month before.

Whether you’re moving into your first home or changing apartments at the end of a lease, it is possible to switch residences safely when you follow these tips!

Declutter — Chances are quarantine has given you time to figure out what you do and do not need in your home. Round up old items to be donated and toss out other clutter that can’t be salvaged. 

Pack on Your Own — Instead of having movers pack some of your boxes, try to do as much as you can on your own first to eliminate what needs to be touched. Studies suggest the novel coronavirus lives the longest on plastic, so if you’re concerned, consider using mostly cardboard boxes on moving day, instead of plastic totes. 

Research the Movers — Check local moving companies’ websites to find out their COVID-19 safety practices.Use recent reviews on Google and Yelp to determine how well these companies are sticking to their rules before you decide to hire them.

Time it Right — If possible,consider booking movers 72 hours before your arrival to your new place. That way, if any of your boxes or furniture were exposed to a mover with COVID-19, the virus would have time to disappear from those surfaces before your family’s official move-in day.

Disinfect Your New Residence — Even if the movers and your family wore masks and gloves, it’s a good idea to sanitize your new place before unpacking. You might consider spraying the boxes with disinfectant before opening them up. Be sure to disinfect door handles, countertops and other high-touch areas before settling in.

Moving day is never easy, even when there isn’t a global pandemic going on! However, with the proper precautions, you can experience a safe, healthy and smooth moving day for you and your family.

We are here for you! For more tips, inspiration and advice on how to navigate the real estate industry during these unprecedented times, visit the Buffini Bonus Resources for ideas.

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