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Offer a Real Estate Training Program That Gets Results During and After a Pandemic

As a real estate office broker, owner or manager, you are committed to ensuring your agents succeed in any climate — a pandemic is no exception! By this point in the new normal brought on by COVID-19, you’ve probably implemented several activities to keep your brokerage on the same page, even when everyone is apart.

Perhaps one of those new activities was a real estate training program for agents. Real estate training is one of the most efficient ways to keep your office successful during tough times. By investing in great training, you are helping agents build skills that will sustain them during this pandemic and long after.

But how do you know the real estate training program you’re working with is the one that will actually yield results over time? Selecting the right training program for the office is one of the toughest parts of the job for a broker, owner or manager. In order to implement a program that gets results during and after a pandemic, you’ll want a program that follows these criteria.

Deep Dive Into Lead Generation

High quality real estate lead generation is the number one way to sustain a real estate business during any circumstances. Invest in a real estate training program that teaches agents to generate a steady stream of leads so that they can still profit even when the market has slowed. The trick is to find a program that focuses on relationship building, which is the key to unlocking quality leads.

Breaks Down Essential Skills

After all, it’s the skills that pay the bills. Go with a real estate training program that focuses on the fundamental skills every real estate agent needs to possess: things like negotiation, working with first-time buyers, selling a seller and more. These are the nitty gritty parts of real estate that all agents should constantly look to brush up on — let the real estate training program you choose make that accessible for them!

Improve Financial and Time Management

Being self-employed and working from home is a dangerous combination for many people, even when we aren’t in the middle of a pandemic! It’s all too easy for agents to get distracted in their schedule and in their wallets. Real estate agents must learn to develop plans for both time management and financial management in order to run a business effectively. Make sure your real estate training program spends ample time on these areas!

If these criteria make you want to revisit the real estate training program in your office, check out The Pathway to Mastery®—Essentials from Buffini & Company. This eight-week program can be taken online or in-person, and it offers a deep dive into real estate lead generation, essential skills and finance and schedule planning. It’s a great way to keep your agents successful during and after the COVID-19 pandemic — get certified to lead this training in your office today! 

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