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Phrase That Pays: Generate More Real Estate Referrals with a Simple Phrase

Phrase That Pays

Everybody wants a lead by lunch time, and many agents will bend over backwards to find one. They purchase leads online, advertise on park benches and bombard social media feeds with paid ads targeting complete strangers. While these tactics may earn a few inquiries, very rarely do these folks become actual clients.

When you work by referral, that process is a bit different. Your leads come from people who actually know and like you. They appreciate the level of service you provide, and feel comfortable sending their friends your way.

However, there is a bit of work involved. Sometimes, we have close friends, family and past clients who would probably refer us…but have never really given it much thought. They might assume you’re busy or getting your business from other sources. As a result, you are not top of mind when asked for a referral, and are most likely not sending potential business your way as much as you’d like.

Now, I’m going to share with you the secret sauce when it comes to getting real estate referrals from these types of relationships. You ready?

Ask for them.

Is it really that simple? Yes, it is. It’s possible to ask for referrals in a way that doesn’t feel salesy, forced or awkward. Many years ago, I coined something called “The Mayor Campaign.” It’s a short phrase to help establish you as the go-to agent for friends and family. Here’s how it goes:

Oh by the way… if you were buying or selling a home, or had a friend or family member who was, do you have a real estate agent you would refer them to?”

If they say yes, then you know you do not need to invest as much of your time marketing to these folks. If they say no, then you have the opportunity to establish yourself as that No. 1 agent. Chances are no other real estate agent has posed this question, so the ask alone helps you stand out in the crowded market.

Once they indicate you are the agent they would refer to their friends, there’s still one more thing you have to do before it’s real. Consider this part two of the secret sauce:

Follow up.

You’ll want to add these folks to your real estate marketing efforts. Send them a handwritten personal note after the conversation, and add them to your email and mailing list. Don’t just send them promotional materials about you – send them information that provides value, like how to destress during tax season or ways to renovate your home for summer.

Remember, ask and you shall receive! Once the ask is done, follow-up with notes and items of value to continue building the client relationship so that you stay top of mind for all their real estate needs – and hopefully the needs of their friends!

While you’re at it, check out Referral Maker® PRO you haven’t already. This is a real estate marketing system that provides you with the tools to put all of this advice into action. Let’s do this!

Joe Niego

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