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The Power of the Personal Note

Welcome to the Coaches’ Corner!  My name is Kelli Snyder and I’m excited to have the opportunity to get to connect with all of you here.  After nearly 13 years of being a Buffini & Company Certified Business Coach, I have talked a lot about the importance of calls, notes and pop-bys with my clients.  These are the fundamentals of the system and consistently executing on these activities is crucial to success.  Lately though, what I’ve been asking my clients to consider, and what I’m asking you to consider in this post, is the intention behind these fundamentals.  Each of these will help to build and deepen relationships, which is the point behind the Working by Referral System, but today I want to address the power of the personal note in particular.

Personal Notes Infographic

Great resource on Personal Notes

About 18 months ago I had a medical situation occur and the amount of notes I received from the Buffini & Company community was overwhelming. I cannot tell you how much they meant to me in moments when I needed them the most. I coach on the power of the personal note every working day, but it wasn’t until I was reading the many notes sent to me during this difficult time, that I realized just how much impact and power they truly have.  I have kept every one and I keep a “happy file” with notes that made a particular impact on me over the years. If I have a challenging moment or need some inspiration, I pull out that file and read through those notes. The act of doing that is always uplifting and reminds me of the power of the personal note. I’m sure many of you have saved notes that have made an impact on you.

The challenge I have for you is to be the person that makes that kind of an impact on someone in your database today.  You have reasons to write notes each and every day.  Here are a few if you need some inspiration:

  • After conversations you have in the day
  • Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, purchase anniversary dates, etc.
  • Simply to let someone know you care and were thinking about them today

One of my favorite quotes states, “A book is not a gift until it is read.” Similarly, your notes are not making an impact until they are written.  The reason personal notes are always opened and read is because they are a gift.  You do not know what is on the inside until you open the gift and read the words.  As you know, you receive 50 notes from us each month.  Be the person that gives out your 50 “gifts” every month.  You never know how needed the gift of your words might be.

Happy writing!

“Nothing in my career took less time, cost less money, and produced bigger results than notes.” Brian Buffini

Coach Kelli


  • Amber

    I just started to write notes to everyone I meet while door knocking. I like notes as well so I hope they are well received.

  • lisacurranparenteau

    My mentor left a note for me in my first week. It was such an unexpected surprise! I remember how it made me feel and I hope that when I leave one for someone, they might have that same feeling. 🙂

  • Robert Overton

    Several years ago when our children were little we were deciding on what church to attend, looking for what would be the best for our family. We were down to two churches we liked.

    I received a handwritten note from the pastor of one of the churches, thanking us for coming to visit and saying it was nice to meet our family. That personal touch, made the decision for us right there.

    Because of that personal note, we found a church and I found a best friend. The pastor and I developed a great bond and he was my best friend up to the day he passed away.

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