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Ready to Go PRO in Your Business?

Raise your hand if you have a real estate CRM. Keep them up if you use Referral Maker® CRM.

If you’re still with us, lock in, because we’re about to share how you can take your real estate CRM to the next level and become even more productive in your business.

Naturally, anyone who invests in a real estate CRM is probably pretty busy. You want systems for efficiency to stay at the top of your game. For example, those who use Referral Maker® CRM, are able to track lead generation, marketing and transactions, so they know exactly what needs to be done to meet and exceed income goals. That’s because when you’re running a successful business, there is no time for guesswork!

While a real estate CRM is an exceptional start, in order to sustain professional success for years to come, you’ll want to level up.

At Buffini & Company, Referral Maker® CRM is designed to guide agents in the Work by Referral system, which includes calls, notes and Pop-Bys, as well as monthly value-add mailers to clients. Agents are welcome to use their own resources to carry out these activities, but this requires ample time for planning, which can be tough to find.

So to help agents level up their real estate marketing and save time, Buffini & Company offers the Referral Maker® PRO monthly marketing kit. This kit provides all of the materials needed to Work By Referral, so you don’t have to add “become a graphic designer” to your to-do list.

The kit blends seamlessly with the Referral Maker® CRM system — basically, this program supplies all of the content you’d want to provide to your clients through the CRM, and then some. Here are a few items Buffini & Company Referral Maker® PRO kit offers to level up your business:

  • Monthly marketing flyers (Items of Value) for clients.
  • Biannual real estate market reports.
  • Buyer and seller presentations.
  • Access to the Pop-By tag library.
  • Beautiful handwritten note cards.
  • Exclusive resources for professional and personal development.

The real estate marketing pieces in Referral Maker® PRO are beautifully-designed and ready to go, allowing agents to put marketing on autopilot so they can spend more time generating leads and building client relationships. If you’re an agent with a real estate CRM — especially Referral Maker® CRM — looking to level up your real estate marketing while also saving time, effort and money, this marketing kit is your one-stop shop.

Sign up for a free business consultation to learn how Referral Maker® PRO will take your real estate CRM — and your business — to the next level in 2021, so you can become a total pro.

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