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Real Estate Marketing Tools Focused on the Fundamentals

Ever wonder what the top producers are doing to become so well-known in their communities?

Your first instinct may be to chalk it up to expensive ad budgets and ample online exposure, but none of those tactics are directly responsible for their success.  

The most profitable agents seek out and leverage top real estate marketing toolsbuilt on the fundamentals of great business. These are the timeless principles that underlie the foundation of all professional organizations committed to an exceptional customer experience.

If you master key fundamental skills in any craft, you can handle anything the changing world throws at you. Learn to master the basics so you can better avoid “shiny object” syndrome – a tendency to get distracted by empty promises of instant success that our society bombards us with every day.

So what are some of the fundamentals your real estate marketing system should stick to?

Build Relationships

The strongest businesses are built on relationships. When you invest in getting to know someone, you are establishing a foundation for future referrals. The more care and attention you provide to a relationship, the more likely it is that they will refer you to friends and family in need of a real estate agent. Connect with people in your database through a call or a personal note to demonstrate your competence and character.

Provide Exceptional Service

How can you go above and beyond to serve your clients and your community? Your real estate marketing strategy should prioritize ways to serve others, whether that’s through your exceptional skills during a transaction or an “unexpected extra” — like sending pizza on moving day, popping by with a small appreciation gift or giving out pies around Thanksgiving to top clients. People will remember how you made them feel, and they will spread the word about your stellar service!

Be a Source of Value

Establish yourself as a voice of value within your community. If someone has a question about business or real estate, you should be the first person they call! You can achieve this by constantly mailing out value-add pieces to your top clients — share information on the market, or send flyers with tips on time management or how to destress during tax time. When you consistently provide valuable information to your database, you become their trusted go-to source for all their real estate needs!

Keep the momentum of your personal and professional growth going strong by constantly shaping your real estate marketing strategy based on the business fundamentals. For real estate marketing tools to guide you on this journey, check out Referral Maker® PRO. This real estate marketing kit provides beautiful marketing flyers, personal notes and other perks to help you run a business based on the fundamentals.

Sign up for your free business consultation to see how this program can transform your real estate marketing!

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