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Real Estate Training Tip: Connect With Influencers

The top-producing agents in real estate all have one thing in common: they’re always working on generating their next lead. A powerful way to produce a consistent stream of quality leads is to tap into your sphere of influence.

Mining Your Sphere of Influence

Everyone you interact and connect with, both personally and professionally, is in your sphere of influence. Whether it’s family, friends and neighbors or sports, social, community or business groups, anyone can be a potential lead. The first step is to identify people in your sphere. Next, explain to them who you are, what you do, and that they can trust you for their real estate needs. Finally, keep in constant contact with valuable information and educational resources that they might find useful. The key is to demonstrate that you consistently provide an outstanding level of care and service. If you can prove yourself and stay top of mind, these folks will refer you, growing your business and creating your next lead. 

Agent Networks

With out-of-area moves increasing countrywide, building strong connections with other agents, both in and out of state, is vital. A great way to do this is to join an agent community. Search for existing networks of agents who share your values and then engage with them. This way, if their out-of-state clients are headed your way, you’ll be the first one they think to call, and vice versa. To build the connection, why not have a virtual coffee? When safety guidelines permit, you could even meet up quarterly to synergize and grow. Buffini & Company Members connect via social media, small groups and virtual events. They even have a custom platform called the Buffini Referral Network where they send and receive referrals in the U.S. and Canada. Members also have access to Buffini Groups to stay connected and motivated.

Community Leaders

If you attend a church or another association with small group settings, such as a chamber of commerce, don’t be shy! Make sure the people you meet know what you do and that you’re ready and willing to serve them. Since they already know your character, they’ll be sure to sing your praises in their circles!Likewise, professional networks, such as former colleagues, vendors you worked with or even college professors or mentors, are great lead-generation sources because they already know you and can attest to your professional competence.

Social Media

When it’s used properly, social media can be a great lead-generation resource. To authentically build relationships with others online, create a structured content plan in which you aim to educate, inspire and showcase your character. To educate, provide valuable and informative resources such as Facebook Lives with market updates or real estate Q&As. To inspire, sprinkle your feed with motivational posts that uplift. To showcase your character, post photos or videos of your exceptional service in action in the real world! Always connect with what others post too – making sure to like and comment. Once a relationship has grown and developed online, you could arrange a video chat or call to deepen the connection.

If you want to generate quality leads, target influencers who will share your business with their expansive networks. When these people are continually reminded of your excellent level of service and care, they will refer you to their own spheres of influence and the leads will start to flow. The Pathway to Mastery®—Advanced is a great real estate training program for agents who want to identify and manage their sphere of influence. Sign up today!

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