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Real Estate Training Tip: Covering All Your Bases in the Listing Appointment

Getting a listing is a big deal, especially when housing inventory is tight!

When someone reaches out to you with an interest in selling their home, it’s up to you to ask the right questions to guide the sale. You want the client to know that they are in the driver’s seat, but they aren’t alone — they can still depend on you to facilitate a smooth transaction.

The listing appointment is your opportunity to build this trust with the seller and make it clear that you are the right person for the job. Make sure you cover all of your bases during the listing appointment to create the best experience for the client.

Address the “Seller Dilemma.” Many sellers are concerned that their home will sell before they have a chance to find a new one. Assure them that this will not be the case and be transparent about how you intend to help them find a new home.

Establish a Timeline. Ask the seller when they would like to sell by.

Ask for Their Price Range. Find out what the sellers think the home is worth first to avoid potential pricing disagreements later.

Offer a Comparative Market Analysis. Prepare a document to demonstrate how their home compares to others in the area in order to establish a fair and realistic price.

Ask About Upgrades. Amenities like new hardwood floors, an expanded barbeque pit or even a new home gym may influence the price or popularity of the property!

Find Out What They Owe. Ask now to avoid any surprises that may impact the sale later.

Offer a Referral. For sellers going out of state, offer to connect them to an agent in the new area, if they aren’t already working with one. Buffini & Company Members can tap into the Buffini Referral Network to find a great agent.

Commit to Real Estate Training. The best way to nail every listing appointment is by refining your skills! Take a real estate training program that helps you cover all your bases when working with sellers and buyers, so you are always prepared.

Need a great real estate training course? The Pathway to Mastery®—Advanced is designed to take mid-career agents to the next level by teaching advanced business strategies. Take a class online today to give your skills a boost!

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